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Is It OK To Run Your Pool Pump 24 Hours A Day?

There is no doubt that a pool pump is the circulatory system of the pool. So, pool owners should identify the correct time of running it to boost their efficiency. Typically, it should remain on throughout the whole day. But, remember, you don’t want to spend a fortune on your electricity bills. Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with running your pool pump 24 hours a day. However, doing this overworks the pump as well as increases your electricity bills. So, how often should you run your pool pump?

Is It OK To Run Your Pool Pump 24 Hours A Day?

Consider the standard time to run a pool pump #

The majority of commercial pool owners leave their pump on for approximately 12 hours a day. On the other hand, residential pool owners tend to run their pumps for about six to eight hours a day. It depends on the pool usage and the general condition of the pool. Suppose you feel your pool is dirtier; you can extend the time of running this pool equipment. Running it for at least 12 hours a day is a good practice. You will barely experience any problems with your pool.

Besides, you significantly cut down your electricity costs. So, instead of keeping the pump on for 24 hours, you’d instead keep it on for 12 hours. The best time to do this would be during off-peak hours. So, leave the pump on for the whole night. However, if you can, leave the pump on during the daytime. Pool experts recommend running this pool equipment during the day to boost the efficiency of chlorine.

What If I want to run my pool pump for 24 hours? #

At times, pool owners may not be content after running this pool equipment for 12 hours. They may feel the pool desires more purification. But leaving a standard pool pump on for 24 hours is quite tricky. So, consider investing in a variable speed pump. Variable speed pumps are uniquely designed to save energy. Thus, with such pumps, you can leave them on for 24 hours and still save on your electricity bills. Variable speed pumps have an automatic system that enables you to regulate the pump on low and high settings. Note that these pumps are very costly. Fortunately, you can always overlook their high initial costs and focus on their low lifetime costs.

The bottom line #

You don’t have to keep your pool pump on for 24 hours. It would be best to practice what works best for your pool. If the pool is in frequent use, run it for at least 12 hours. If your pool is in good condition on the flip slide, run the pool pump for six to eight hours a day.

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