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Is It Better To Run A Pool Pump At Night Or Day?

If you desire to maximize your pool pump’s efficiency, you should identify the best times to turn it on. Depending on the pool’s usage, you can run your pool either at night or during the day. But what is the best time to run a pool pump?

Is It Better To Run A Pool Pump At Night Or Day?

Daytime #

Did you know that the time of the day at which you run a pool pump plays a massive role in boosting the pool’s durability? Well, this is how it works. Whenever you turn on your pool pump during the daytime, it tends to work more efficiently. During the day, there is sunlight. Usually, the UV rays from the sunlight tamper and deteriorate pool chlorine. Thus, the disinfecting effect of chlorine gets reduced. When the pool pump is on during the day, it boosts the efficiency of chlorine. So, it would be best to turn on your pool pump during the day. However, if you have a commercial pool, this could be impossible. So you might opt to turn on the pump at night. Running the pool pump at night helps you save on energy, thus cutting down your electricity bills.

Fortunately, you can always regulate your pool pump to run within your preferred time frame. You can switch it on partly during the day and partly during the night. Some pool owners turn on the pool pump when the sun is hottest, say from 12 pm to 4 pm. Then, they turn it on again at night, say from 3 am to 5 am when the pool is not in use. Doing this helps you receive benefits from both ends.

Best time to run a pool pump #

Furthermore, you can always switch on your pool pump when people are using the pool. In particular, if you have few bather loads, consider turning your pool pump on during the day. But if you find this inconvenient, run it at night. It all depends on your pool’s needs.

How long should the pool pump run? #

The pump should run for at least eight hours a day. However, if your pool is in frequent use, switching on the pool pump for at least 12 hours a day would be necessary. You may want to run a pool pump for 24 hours. But, remember, you are trying to save energy. The time you run it also depends on the pool size. So, always consult your pool contractor on the minimum and maximum time to turn on your pool pump.

In conclusion #

Pool owners should try their best to run a pool pump during the day. This way, they counter against the harmful effects of the sun and boost the efficiency of chlorine.

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