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Is A Pool Main Drain Necessary?

When plumbing your pool, you should hire a highly experienced pool contractor. Pool plumbing is one of the significant stages of pool construction. Thus, when plumbing gets done incorrectly, you will have to deal with numerous long term issues in your pool. When plumbing your pool, pool contractors often have to install three main lines using a 40PVC pipe. They include the skimmer line, return line, and the main drain line. All these lines are essential in keeping a pool in perfect shape. Without these lines, you would have stagnant pool water that would become large algae and mosquito breeding ground. But is a pool main drain necessary?

Is A Pool Main Drain Necessary?

What is the primary purpose of a pool main drain line? #

Main drain lines play a huge role in getting rid of dirt and debris in your pool. They help the pool filter in cleansing your pool water. The majority of pool owners install two main drains on the deep end of the pool. So, is it compulsory to install two main drain lines? Well, although highly recommended, you don’t have to install the main drains in your pool. However, if you have a vinyl pool, you might consider installing the main drains. They can help you empty the pool efficiently when planning to replace your liner. When you have a pool main drain, you won’t have to use a sump pump to drain water out of the pool. Besides, these main drains assist in filtering the pool water. As a result, they keep your pool clean at all times.

Alternative to a pool main drain #

Although it carries a wide array of benefits, you can always forego the main drains. In such instances, ensure you install two pool skimmers. This way, your pool water can get filtered and purified. In turn, you will avoid all common pool problems like pool discolorations and algae. The two skimmers in place of the main drains facilitate the movement of adequate pool water to the pump. Consequently, all your pool water will get filtered by the time the pool pump timer goes off. So, it’s either you install the two main drains or the two skimmers to make sure your pool water remains crystal clear.

The bottom line #

Main drains in your pool are useful in maintaining a clean pool. Nonetheless, it is not compulsory to install a pool main drain. Your pool can survive without them. However, if you desire to have sparkling pool water, you’d instead install two pool skimmers in place of the main drains. The skimmers would foster proper circulation and filtration of pool water. Alternatively, consider installing the main drains. They are not only useful in filtering the pool but also emptying the pool during major repairs. Ultimately, consult your pool contractor before you disregard installing a pool main drain.

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