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Is A Gunite Pool Better Than Vinyl?

Nowadays, there is a wide range of pool types. They include concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl liner pools. All these pools are excellent sources of entertainment, fun, and relaxation. However, they are different in configuration and price. Today, a gunite pool is the most popular pool due to their high flexibility and longevity.

Is A Gunite Pool Better Than Vinyl?

On the other hand, vinyl pools are well known due to their affordability. However, gunite pools are not ideal for aspiring pool owners who have a tight budget. They are relatively costly and incur high maintenance costs. So, does this mean a gunite pool is better than a vinyl pool? Well, the better option depends on your pool requirements. Before purchasing a pool, always settle for a pool that meets all your needs.

Gunite pool advantages #

Gunite pools offer high versatility. They can get customized into any shape and design, from zero-edge pools to kidney-shaped pools. Moreover, gunite pools can accommodate almost all water features like spas, jets, and bubblers. Also, gunite pools allow pool owners to incorporate a broad spectrum of finishing materials with various colors.

A gunite pool is highly durable. In particular, it can last for over two decades when appropriately maintained. During construction, gunite gets spritzed over a steel framework. Gunite has a strength of approximately 3500-4000 psi. On the other hand, rebar is one of the most robust foundations for all construction projects. Thus, with gunite pools, you rest assured of quality.

Gunite pool disadvantages #

Gunite pools are relatively costly. Not only do they have high initial costs but also lifetime costs. You’ll often have to resurface the pool after every seven years. Resurfacing a gunite pool can cost you up to $4,500.

At times, swimmers find a gunite pool uncomfortable due to their rough surfaces. The uneven surfaces can go to the extent of causing injuries to swimmers.

Vinyl liner pools #

Advantages of vinyl liner pools #

Vinyl liner pools are affordable and can cost as little as $35,000 to install. Therefore, if you have a fixed budget, a vinyl liner pool is your best alternative.

Vinyl pools consume fewer percentages of disinfectant agents and pool chemicals. Thus, they can save you on maintenance costs.

Vinyl liner pools disadvantages #

Vinyl liners are vulnerable to wear and tear. Thus, you will have to replace your liner after every four to seven years. Replacing a liner costs approximately $4,000. So, as much as they have low initial coss, they have high maintenance costs.

The bottom line #

Both gunite and vinyl pools carry various advantages and disadvantages. So, if you encounter a dilemma about the two options, evaluate your pool needs. Then, install the pool that caters to all your pool requirements.

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