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How to Drain a Pool?

Pool owners may need to drain their pools for a variety of reasons. Often it becomes necessary if you notice the pool is overflowing or want to lower the water level before a storm as a preemptive measure. However, draining a swimming pool is not a walk in the park. If you want the best results when ti comes time to drain a pool, you must take the proper steps.

How to Drain a Pool?

Steps you can use to drain a pool #

Step one: Put up a submersible pump #

Keep in mind that your standard pool pump is specially made to take in water. Thus, when you drain water, the pump will suck in air. And this can destroy the pool pump. Therefore, you would rather purchase a submersible pool pump to help you drain a pool water effectively. Nevertheless, note that a submersible pool pump is relatively expensive. Therefore, after buying a submersible pool pump, please place it in the middle of the pool and connect it to the hose.

Step two: Begin draining the swimming pool #

Start draining the pool by switching on the submersible pool pump. It would be best for you to remain on site until you complete the draining. You have to ensure that the hose remains connected to the pump. Also, ensure there are no leaks.

Step three: Uninstall the Submersible Pump #

When the water levels are low, the submersible pool pump won’t be of use anymore. It won’t be able to facilitate draining. At this point, you can remove the submersible pump from the pool and leave the remaining water in the pool. Note that you don’t have to remove all the pool water. So, you can proceed by turning off and removing the submersible pool pump.

Step four: Open the Relief Valves #

Do not forget to open the hydrostatic pressure relief valves. Doing this will reduce the pressure coming from underground water.

Step five: Conduct the respective operations #

After you drain the pool:

  1. Proceed with what you had planned to do.
  2. If you want to repair your pool surface or fix any leakages, proceed to do so. You can resurface or repaint your pool.
  3. Once you are done with these procedures, refill the pool.
  4. Don’t leave the pool empty for an extended period.

Summary #

Pool owners are sometimes forced to drain their pools. It could be because they want to paint or resurface their pools. Also, they could want to fix specific issues in the pool. Regardless of the case, they should follow all the right steps involved to drain a pool. If you don’t have time, it would be best to hire a pool service technician to drain a pool.

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