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How Thick Should Swimming Pool Walls Be?

At present, there is a broad spectrum of pool types. The majority of pool owners prefer customizing their pools to fit their requirements. As a result, each pool is unique and incorporates different shapes and sizes. Regardless of the pool’s shape and size, your pool walls have to have a certain thickness. Ensure your pool builder is aware of the thickness they should use when constructing the swimming pool walls.

How Thick Should Swimming Pool Walls Be?

Several states require pool owners to incorporate a specific thickness when building their pool walls. So, always check your state guidelines. Moreover, using the correct pool wall thickness promotes the longevity of your pool. So, how thick should swimming pool walls be?

Standard thickness of swimming pool walls #

When constructing a pool, concrete first gets poured over a steel framework on the pool floor. Afterward, concrete gets poured on the swimming pool walls. During this process, most pool contractors make sure the pool walls have a thickness of about 3 to 4 inches. There could be slight variations in this thickness due to your type of pool and the state guidelines. All you have to do is make sure you employ a highly experienced pool contractor to avoid any blunders during construction.

Standard pool floor thickness #

While the pool walls should be about three to four inches thick, ensure that pool floors are bout 5 to 6 inches thick. Often, there would be an accumulation of concrete at the corners that measure approximately 8 inches thick. Feel free to trim these areas once you finish plumbing the pool. When conducting a DIY pool project, look for a pool expert to address all your queries. Otherwise, you may experience long term issues with your pool when you incorporate the wrong pool wall and floor thickness.

Plaster finish thickness #

Once you complete constructing the pool, apply finishing material. If you use plaster to finish the pool, make sure the plaster coat is at least 0.375 inches. However, you can apply plaster that is 0.625 inches thick. It all depends on your pool requirements and state guidelines. When applying plaster, it would be best to use at least four pool builders. This way, the application can be complete within a short period. If you leave plaster in the air for an extended period, it could crack. Also, make sure your pool contractor uses a high-quality plaster finish that boosts your pool’s longevity.

Conclusion #

On average, swimming pool walls should be at least 3 to 4 inches thick. Incorporating the correct pool wall thickness will prevent both structural and surface cracks in your pool. So, always employ a well-trained pool contractor who will deliver a quality pool. Ultimately, ensure you adhere to all your state guidelines on pool construction.

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