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How Thick Should A Gunite Pool Be?

One of the most frequently asked questions by aspiring pool owners is how thick a gunite pool should be. When constructing a gunite pool, pool contractors shoot gunite over rebar using a high-velocity hose. Gunite application is a critical step. Thus, contractors should exhibit professionalism and keenness when spraying gunite. One mistake during gunite application can cost you thousands of dollars. One of the major things builders should do is to ensure the gunite has the right thickness. So, if you plan on conducting a DIY gunite pool construction project, ensure you have expertise in spraying gunite. Alternatively, hire a professional builder and turn your pool dreams into reality.

How Thick Should A Gunite Pool Be?

The correct thickness of a gunite pool #

A gunite pool is robust and highly versatile. However, it tends to crack when faced with strong external forces. So, you have to ensure you incorporate the right thickness during application. Otherwise, the pool might be prone to developing surface and structural cracks in the long run.

On average, pool contractors should apply a thickness of approximately six inches. But note that the gunite thickness relies on various factors. One of the factors is the surrounding landscape. If your landscape is complex and experiences strong external forces, you have to increase the gunite pool’s thickness. For example, some geographical regions frequently experience earthquakes, among other harsh environmental conditions. Here, pool contractors will increase the thickness during pool construction. Moreover, note that you have to apply a finishing material like plaster above the gunite. The finish should incorporate a thickness of about 0.375 inches.

Always check and follow your state guidelines #

The thickness mentioned above is the standard figure in the pool industry. It changes based on the state you live in. Several states require pool owners to use a specific thickness when constructing their gunite pools. So, always check your state guidelines to identify the correct viscosity you should use during construction. But if you hire a reputable pool builder, they know the proper thickness to incorporate when constructing a gunite pool.

Ultimately #

The thickness of a gunite pool depends on several factors. Some of them include the location of the pool and the state requirements. Nevertheless, pool owners should use a thickness of approximately 6 inches during application. But before you construct your dream pool, always check your state guidelines to identify the right thickness to implement. Additionally, employ a highly reputable contractor who will apply the gunite professionally. Keep in mind that if you incorporate the wrong  thickness, your pool will be prone to structural and surface cracks.

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