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How Often Should You Do A Pool backwash?

Backwashing your pool is an essential aspect of the pool cleaning process. Contrary to popular belief, a pool backwash helps you avoid the common pool problems. Besides, this process helps in keeping your pool filter in good condition. So, how often should you backwash your pool?

How Often Should You Do A Pool backwash?

What is pool backwash? #

First, let’s understand what a pool backwash means. Typically, backwashing a pool means reversing water flow when it reaches the filter to prevent clogging. Does that make sense? Simply put, when water passes through the filter, it tends to have debris and dirt. These particles tend to block the filter over time and reduce their efficiency. To solve these problems, pool owners reverse the water flow such that water flows back to the pool through the filter’s backside. This way, all debris entangled in the pool filter gets eliminated. Then, the pool filter becomes clean and works efficiently to maintain a clean pool.

How often should you do backwashing? #

The time you need backwashing your pool significantly depends on several factors. Some of them include the size of the pool and the usage of the pool. For instance, the more you use your pool, the more it tends to get dirty. Thus, you might have to backwash more frequently. Additionally, if there is a tree shedding leaves around the pool, you need to backwash more regularly.

But, in general, pool owners should conduct backwashing at least once in seven days. When you do this, you rest assured that your filter is in good condition. Moreover, if you notice that your filter’s pressure gauge has abnormal readings, conduct backwashing.

At what point should I avoid doing a pool backwash? #

Even though conducting a pool backwash is advisable, it may not be helpful sometimes. Let’s take a look at a practical example. Occasionally, pool owners tend to experience algae breeding ground in their pools. In such instances, avoid backwashing the pool. Algae tend to go back to the main pool and cause more extensive breeding grounds.

Conclusion #

Undoubtedly, backwashing a pool is essential. This procedure unclogs the pool filter, thus maximizes the efficiency of the pool filter. As a result, backwashing helps pool owners avoid common pool problems like stains. Therefore, all pool owners need to conduct a pool backwash at least once a week. The time, however, depends on the condition of the pool. If the pool tends to get dirt often, then you should conduct backwashing more often. All in all, include this process in your regular pool cleaning technique.

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