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How Often Do You Need To Resurface A Gunite Pool?

Without a doubt, the majority of world-class pools are a product of gunite material. Gunite is highly versatile. Thus, you can always customize your gunite pool to fit all your requirements. If you desire to build a pool with an intricate design, a gunite pool is your best alternative. Nonetheless, maintaining a gunite pool is not a walk in the park. These pools have rough surfaces and need frequent resurfacing procedures. In fact, several gunite pool owners resurface their pool after four years of use. But, on average, your gunite pool needs resurfacing every seven to ten years. Even so, you might have to resurface a gunite pool if you notice some signs.

How Often Do You Need To Resurface A Gunite Pool?

How do I know I need to resurface a gunite pool #

Pool surface discolorations #

After years of use, pool owners may notice some discolorations on their gunite pool surfaces. Often, these are pool stains. Pool stains can result from a wide range of factors. It could be an accumulation of dirt or calcium build-up. When you don’t get rid of these stains immediately, you might have to do resurfacing.

Discomfort during swimming #

Most gunite pool users report that gunite pool surfaces are rough. Well, the surface of a gunite pool is indeed rougher compared to vinyl and fiberglass pools. However, if the pool surface’s texture goes to the extent of causing bruises and cuts to swimmers, you have to resurface a gunite pool. Remember that over time, the finish material gets prone to corrosion. So, resurface immediately and choose a durable finish for the pool.

Rough gunite pool surfaces may, at times, worsen and lead to pool leaks. If you notice any form of leak, repair it immediately. It would be best to contact your pool contractor and find out the best solution to the problem.

What should I use to resurface a gunite pool? #

There is a broad spectrum of materials you can use to resurface gunite pools. Some of them include Plaster, Aggregate and Tile.

In summary #

Gunite pools are the most popular pools today. They are well known to offer a wide range of customizable pool designs. So, if you desire to build a custom pool, a gunite pool is a good alternative. Even so, these pools incorporate high initial and lifetime costs. Thus, if you are under a fixed budget, a gunite pool might not be a good option.

You’d also have to spend thousands of dollars to resurface a gunite pool every seven to ten years. However, if you notice leaks in the gunite pool, resurface the pool immediately. There are various ways to resurface gunite pools. Pool contractors recommend using the most common finish materials like plaster, aggregate, and tile.

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