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How Much Is A Pool Slide?

One way to keep your kids occupied during the summer holidays is by installing a pool slide. Pools by themselves are a great source of entertainment and relaxation. Nevertheless, pool slides make swimming experiences more fun. Your children will always hang out by the pool area when you install this spectacular feature. So, how much is a slide for a pool?

How Much Is A Pool Slide?

The cost of a pool slide #

The price of a pool slide depends on several factors. In this present age and time, there is a broad spectrum of these pool features. So, the cost of this feature will depend on the type and brand of the slide. But on average, pool owners spend approximately $1,000 to $3,500 to buy pool slide. Pool owners spend a total of about $4,000 after installing this feature. But you can always save costs by taking part in a DIY installation. If you’d like a uniquely designed water slide, get prepared to spend up to $100,000. Also, since these features increase the risk of home accidents, you will have to pay for insurance. So, include an additional $1,000 per year costs. Thus, it incurs both high initial and lifetime costs.

Is it possible to install a slide after pool construction? #

It is much cheaper to install this feature during pool construction. Even so, you can always install a poolside some years after pool construction. But your pool contractor will have to change your plumbing system. As a result, they will charge you more. So, if you are thinking of this feature, you’d instead install it from the word go. Besides, pool slides are stunning and greatly enhance your outdoor aesthetics. All in all, they offer value for money.

Various types of pool water slides #

Straight leg pool slide #

One category of this feature is the straight leg water slide. This type incorporates a basic design and works perfectly for small pools. The slide has a symmetrical opening at the top. At the bottom, it has a curved opening. They can either be open or enclosed. It would be best if you bought an enclosed straight leg pool slide to promote safety.

Molded slide leg pool slide #

This type has a slightly different configuration than the straight leg slide. At the bottom, it has a curved opening that faces one side. These slides are ideal where there is shallow pool water.

Conclusion #

Pool slides are fantastic water features that make swimming fun. If you want your children to enjoy their summer holidays, install this unique feature. Although it may cost you much, it offers excellent entertainment and aesthetic benefits.

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