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How Much Is a Negative Edge Pool?

Currently, building a regular inground pool costs an average of $60,000 to $80,000. Even so, this price varies depending on the size, shape, and design of your pool. For instance, if you choose to spice up your pool by creating a vanishing edge on the sides, you will incur extra expenses. Infinity edge pools are popular among most homeowners due to their attractive appearance. Typically, you will have to add a cost of about $30,000 when installing a negative edge pool. Thus, it might not be a good idea when you have a fixed budget. But why do they cost this much?

How Much Is a Negative Edge Pool?
How much is a negative edge Pool? These pools incorporate an intricate design. So, pool builders take much time and effort when constructing these pools.

A negative edge pool incorporates an intricate design. So, pool builders take much time and effort when constructing these pools. The water level has to match the height of the pool walls. Also, builders have to build a surge chamber where water flows. It’s like they will construct two pools. Above all, they have to create a no boundary effect.

Why is a negative edge pool expensive? #

Several factors explain the high costs of vanishing edge pools. They are:

  • The negative edge on the pools consumes a lot of time and effort during construction.
  • Constructing a robust pool shell that firmly holds the pool sides and the negative edge is tiresome.
  • The surge chamber typically means building another pool.

The size of a negative edge pool and costs #

Under normal circumstances, pool costs vary based on size. Larger pools tend to cost much than smaller pools. But this is not the case for vanishing edge pools. A negative edge pool with a 5-meter edge is likely to cost the same as a pool with a 10-meter edge. It’s because constructing infinity edge pools takes about the same effort.

Pool extras #

The price of infinity edge pools also varies depending on additional water features. Installing structures like jets, waterfalls, gushers, slides, and diving boards can be expensive. Additionally, pool lighting also means that you have to add extra costs. The costs of pool accessories range from $50 to $15,000. They enhance the aesthetics of your pool and make swimming experiences more fun. Note that some water features like covers and fences are compulsory in some states. They are also necessary to ensure safety within your surrounding environment.

The bottom line #

Infinity edge pools can cost a fortune. However, the aesthetics offered by these pools are incomparable. Thus, they provide value for money, and the high costs are mostly due to their intricate design. So, it might be the best pool option if you want to remodel your backyard into a premium resort. When building a negative edge pool, it would be best to hire one of the best pool companies.

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