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How Much Is a Concrete Inground Pool?

Pools made from concrete are often costly. Their prices lie within a range of $50,000 to $100,000. However, the cost of a concrete inground pool varies based on several factors. Some of the factors include pool shape, size, and layout. Also, these pools incur massive maintenance costs. But what determines the price of a concrete inground pool?

How Much Is a Concrete Inground Pool?
How much is a concrete inground pool? Swimming pools made from concrete are often costly. Their prices lie within a range of $50,000 to $100,000.

Factors affecting the purchase price of a concrete inground pool #

Size of the pool #

Typically, large pools are more costly to build compared to small pools. Remember, concrete pools offer high versatility. Thus, you can choose your preferred shape and size. So, if you construct a large pool, a concrete inground pool’s costs will be high.

Finishing material #

Once concrete gets poured onto the rebar framework, pool builders use finishing materials to even the surface. Some of the finishing materials include ceramic tiles, plaster, pebbles, and glass tiles. They each vary in prices as they offer different aesthetics. For instance, glass tiles are much more expensive than plaster. Glass tiles are more aesthetically pleasing and provide a high-end pool.

The material used to construct the patio #

Creating the patio alongside the pool largely influences construction costs. You may choose a more intricate design, and this may cost much more. Additionally, if your patio area is large, pool contractors are likely to charge you more. The material used to construct the patio also influences the cost.

Pool extras and necessities #

After constructing the concrete inground pool, you might choose to incorporate pool accessories. Some of them include pool lighting and covers. These features can take a toll on your budget. So, consult your pool builder about it; he or she will give you good advice.

Moreover, if you live in cold geographical regions, a pool heating system may be necessary. Buying and installing a pool heater will cost you approximately $6,000 or more. It depends on the type of heater. It is advisable to buy an energy-saving heater to save on your electricity bills.

Additional water features #

Additional water features like jets, spas waterfalls, and gushers influence your total costs. Although not necessary, these features enhance your pool appearance. Also, if you have kids, they will have fun with these features. So, if your budget allows, install some of these structures in your pool.

Conclusion #

The costs of a concrete inground pool vary depending on various factors. If you are working under a tight budget, you can cut down the costs by leaving additional features. But also take into consideration the maintenance costs attached to concrete inground pools. Eventually, you may end up spending thousands of dollars with these pools. Evens so, ensure these pools can bring in a large return on investment.

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