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How Much Pool Evaporation Is Normal?

At present, there is a wide range of benefits attached to constructing a pool in your yard. Besides the aesthetics advantages, pools provide enjoyment and relaxation to your family. Even so, there are a lot of maintenance procedures that come with swimming pools. One of the ways of taking care of your pool is to reduce the pool evaporation rate. Usually, pools lose water at specific rates depending on the weather conditions and pool chemicals. However, the standard rate of evaporation is 20mm per day. Of course, the amount varies based on many factors like climatic conditions and pool size.

How Much Pool Evaporation Is Normal?
How much pool evaporation is normal? The standard evaporation rate is 20mm per day. Of course, the amount varies based on many factors like climatic conditions and pool size.

How do I determine my pool evaporation rate? #

It is usual for outdoor pools exposed to sunlight to experience evaporation. But you have to identify the standard evaporation rate for your pool. So, testing for the evaporation rate requires the pool owner to use a practical procedure. What you have to do is take a portion of your pool water and fill it in a bucket of medium size. Determine the water level in the bucket and mark the area. You can also use a calibrated bucket. Leave the water outside near the pool and measure the quantity of the water after a day. Conduct the process repeatedly while protecting the bucket from rainwater. This way, you can know how much pool water you lose during different seasons of the year. If you live in tropical areas, you are more likely to have a high rate of evaporation.

Minimizing pool evaporation #

Losing pool water through evaporation is not good. So, ensure that your pool is not directly exposed to the sun. Additionally, create windbreakers around the area. Think of incorporating an automatic pool cover that protects the pool when it is not in use. In fact, pool covers are essential features that are compulsory in several states.

Besides pool evaporation, what are the other ways you can lose pool water? #

Large bather loads #

Commercial pools experience high evaporation rates due to frequent use. Whenever swimmers are in the water, they tend to splash out the water from the pool. When building your pool, construct efficient gutters on the pool sides. This way, you can prevent water loss.

Leakage #

With time your pool surfaces and floors develop cracks, thus causing water loss. Also, your pool pumping systems could malfunction and lead its leakage.

Conclusion #

Often, the standard pool evaporation rate is 20mm per day. There are many possible causes, and they can cause harm to the pool. Fortunately, pool owners can prevent high evaporation rates through pool covers. Also, they can install windbreakers around the surrounding area. Ultimately, they should make sure their pools experience average or fewer evaporation rates.

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