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How Much Does Pool Acid Washing Cost?

Often, cleaning a pool can be tedious for most pool owners. In particular, manual pool cleaning techniques can be a lot of work. But cleaning your pool is essential in avoiding common pool issues. In fact, if you don’t clean your pool regularly, you may notice algae or stains in your pool. Fortunately, there is a broad spectrum of pool cleaning methods that help you avoid these problems. One of the ways pool owners can maintain a crystal clear pool is through pool acid washing. This process can be quite intense. So, it is mostly used for concrete pools. This cleaning method can adversely affect vinyl pool liners. Before you conduct a pool acid wash, ensure that you read the pool instruction manual.

How Much Does Pool Acid Washing Cost?
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What does pool acid washing do? #

If your pool is more than five years old, expect to see some discolorations on the surface. One of the ways to get rid of such a pool problem is through pool acid washing. When acid gets applied to the pool’s surface, it tends to erode a thin layer of plaster. This way, new, clean plaster that is free from discoloration gets exposed. Since acid is highly corrosive, avoid conducting pool acid washing frequently. Conduct this process every five to seven years.

How much does pool acid washing cost? #

More often than not, pool service technicians charge per square foot costs when acid washing a pool. The majority of them charge per square foot costs starting from $0.42. The total cost will get influenced by the size and extent of the pool discolorations. Remember, if your pool has many pool stains, you would have to repeat several pool acid washing processes. Generally, pool owners will end up spending a total of $140 when acid washing their pool. Always hire a reliable pool service technician to conduct this process for you. An experienced pool contractor will prevent this problem from reoccurring. You can save on these costs by conducting a DIY pool acid wash. But before you acid wash your pool, read and understand the pool manual.

Moreover, if you have a vinyl pool, avoid conducting this process. The acid highly corrodes the liner, which leads to wear and tear of the liner. One important thing to note is that you should never leave the acid for more than 60 seconds on the pool surface. Rinse it out.

Bottom line #

If you plan to acid wash your pool, the first step would be to empty your pool. Afterward, ensure your pool surface is free from all dirt and debris. They apply diluted acid on every pool surface. Please leave it to sit for a maximum of 60 seconds. Then, scrub the pool floor quickly and rinse the pool. Depending on the severity of the pool stains, you can conduct this process repeatedly. Once you finish, refill the pool. If you are not familiar with this process, hire a dependable pool service tech. Otherwise, you might have to deal with the same problem in the long run.

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