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How Much Does It Cost To Run Pool Electrical?

Pool electrical installation is a critical part of pool construction. It involves wiring the pool to enable all pool equipment to function. You, therefore, should hire a well-trained pool contractor to run wires for your pool. Otherwise, you would end up experiencing massive problems with your pool in the long run. But how much does it cost to run electrical for a pool?

How Much Does It Cost To Run Pool Electrical?

General Price range #

When pool contractors install pool electrical, they usually charge approximately $3,500 to $4,500. Considering that the pool plumbing is the heart of the pool, this cost should not intimidate you. Besides, we all know how installing electricity is dangerous. Also, this cost is inclusive of the electrical permit. Aside from the pool construction permit, you will have to obtain an electrical pool permit before plumbing. The cost mentioned above is also inclusive of all the pool equipment required. The price, of course, varies depending on your geographical location and complexity of installation.

Basic electrical pool installation cost #

Often, some pool contractors charge less if they consider your electrical installation as basic. An example of a basic installation process is when you already have extra subpanels and power sources. Also, if you have a pool filter and pump installed, they will charge you less. Why? In the scenarios mentioned above, your pool builder won’t have to install an additional breaker box. All they will need to do is fix all the plumbing lines and ensure they run well. Pool owners end up paying $3,500 or less on basic electrical installation. The price depends on your pool contractor.

What affects pool electrical installation costs? #

Various factors will affect the costl. They include:

Location of the pool filter and equipment #

If the pool equipment and filter are far away from the pool, your pool builder will have to use a longer pipe to connect the pool’s equipment. This means that they are more likely to consume more time, effort and material during installation. Thus, they will charge you more. In fact, you would have to pay an additional $500 to $1,500 in such instances.

Number of pool equipment #

On the other hand, the pool equipment needed to get hooked up with the pool will also affect the costs. If you desire to install more pool equipment, your pool builder will charge you more.

Summary #

You would spend approximately $3,500 to $4,500 to run electrical for a pool. Although expensive, this is a critical step of pool construction. Always employ a reliable pool contractor for this job.

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