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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Gunite Pool?

Today, gunite pools are the most expensive pools. They incorporate not only massive initial costs but also high maintenance costs. Even so, they offer a wide range of benefits that explain their rising popularity. With gunite pools, you can transform your backyard into everything you ever imagined. These pools provide great flexibility and longevity. But, over time, gunite pools tend to wear out and need various pool repairs. Of course, this depends on your pool maintenance routine. If you take good care of a gunite pool, you will rarely experience these problems.  It can cost you a lot of money to repair a gunite pool that’s neglected for long.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Gunite Pool?

The cost you will incur to repair a gunite pool #

General inground pool repair costs #

First, let’s look at the average cost incurred for inground pool repairs. Pool owners can end up spending up to $4,000 on an inground pool repair. It all depends on the type of pool and contractor. Minor pool repairs can cost as little as $200. So, it is essential to know your pool repair needs. This way, you can always prepare finances for your pool.

Concrete or gunite pool repair cost #

The amount you will spend to repair a gunite pool mostly relies on the pool problem. After years of use, gunite pools are prone to developing cracks. These cracks could be structural or surface cracks. On average, pool contractors charge approximately $75 per linear foot when it comes to minor cracks. On the flip side, pool builders charge up to $1,000 to fix a structural pool crack for a 150 square foot pool. Instead of waiting for your pool to develop cracks, you can implement preventative measures. There are many ways you can incorporate to prevent pool cracks.

Resurfacing a gunite pool #

Typically, gunite pool surfaces become rough over time. Thus, if you have a gunite pool, you may have to resurface the pool after five to six years. Usually, resurfacing a gunite pool will cost you thousands of dollars. Averagely, you need about $6,000 to resurface a gunite pool. Note that the price fluctuates depending on your pool contractor.

Replacing lights #

If you have pool lighting in your gunite pool, you’ll have to replace them after some time. The durability of pool lights depends on the type of light. For instance, LED pool lights offer the highest longevity and can last for a decade. On average, you’ll spend about $60, replacing one piece of pool light.

In summary #

You can spend thousands of dollars on repairing a gunite pool. However, it depends on the type of pool repair. Minor repairs cost as little as $200. But when you repair a gunite pool, employ a highly experienced pool contractor. This way, you rest assured that your gunite pool will last for long.

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