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How Much Does It Cost To Pour Concrete Around A Pool?

One of the most common pool decks is of concrete material. We all know the unique and amazing benefits offered by concrete. The versatility and longevity attached to concrete material are out of this world. Nonetheless, it can be costly to pour concrete around a pool. Of course, it all depends on the surface area of the pool. But choose to focus on the long-term benefits of concrete pool decks. I mean, a concrete pool deck significantly boosts your home’s aesthetics. Besides, you will spend fewer maintenance costs on concrete.

How Much Does It Cost To Pour Concrete Around A Pool?

What is the average cost pool owners spend to pour concrete around a pool? #

The estimated price of constructing a concrete pool deck #

When installing a concrete pool deck, you can spend about $5400 to $13000 or more. Note that pool builders charge differently. So, get prepared to spend thousands of dollars on building your concrete pool deck. Some pool contractors will include this price on the quotation. Thus, you can plan your finances.

Does the design affect a concrete deck cost? #

Different pool owners often desire to construct different deck designs. Needless to say, the more intricate the deck design, the more you’ll spend. If you wish to incorporate a basic concrete deck layout, pool contractors will charge you approximately $6 to $10 per square foot.

Customized concrete pool decks #

On the other hand, the majority of pool owners prefer customizing their pool decks. In such instances, pool builders charge about $10 to $15 per square foot.

Intricate concrete pool decks #

If your design is intricate, your pool contractor will spend more time installing the concrete pool deck. Therefore, they will charge more for this. More often than not, pool builders charge about $15 or more per square foot in intricate designs. Additionally, keep in mind that all these costs fluctuate based on your geographical region and type of contractor. If your pool builder is a market leader, they are likely to charge more.

Can I conduct a DIY concrete pool deck construction project? #

Suppose you plan to pour concrete around a pool by yourself, ensure that you have the right equipment and knowledge. Nevertheless, hiring a professional to create the ideal concrete pool deck for you is important.

The bottom line #

The price to pour concrete around a pool lies within a range of $5,000 to $13,000 and more. Although expensive, avoid doing a DIY project for this. Remember, you want your yard to get transformed into a luxurious resort. So, get the best pool contractor who can cater to all your pool requirements.

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