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How Much Does It Cost To Install An Automatic Pool Cover?

Pools are one of the most substantial investments that enliven your backyard space. However, these unique features require advanced maintenance procedures. As a result, pool owners can spend thousands of dollars on pool repairs and maintenance. Pool owners should, therefore, devise a way of minimizing these costs in the long run. One way to do this is to install an automatic pool cover. Automatic pool covers are fantastic pool accessories that not only boost safety but also keep the pool clean. They serve as a protective layer to the pool, especially during winter. Thus, they trap dust and large debris that could have fallen into the pool. This way, the pool pump, and filter do not get overworked. Even so, automatic pool covers are quite costly. So, how much does it cost to install an automatic pool cover?

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Automatic Pool Cover?
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The cost to install an automatic pool cover #

Automatic pool covers #

As mentioned earlier, it is costly to install an automatic pool cover. Averagely, you may end up spending about $5,000 to install an automatic pool cover. Needless to say, the price could be less or higher depending on the type of automatic pool cover. Not to mention, this is just the purchase cost. Automatic pool covers incur high maintenance costs, especially when mishandled. So, always restrict your children from playing or jumping on the cover. Additionally, replacing an automatic pool cover can cost you a fortune.

Should I install an automatic pool cover? #

It would, therefore, be best for pool owners to invest in a quality automatic pool cover. Even if you spend thousands of dollars buying an excellent automatic pool cover, you rest assured of durability and quality. Also, with automatic pool covers, your pool pump and filter will work efficiently. You will avoid the common problems faced by pool owners. Ultimately, you won’t have to spend much on pool repairs.

All in all, an automatic pool cover is worth the cost. Most states require all pool owners to install a pool cover. Always ask your pool contractor about the best type of automatic pool cover to put in place.

If you want to save on your electricity bills, automatic pool covers are a good alternative. Since they cover the pool, they preserve heat and keep the pool warm. So, if you live in cold regions, consider installing an automatic pool cover. Furthermore, since this pool accessory is automated, you can operate it from the comfort of your couch. All you need is a remote to regulate its opening and closing.

Ultimately #

Automatic pool covers are great pool accessories. Nevertheless, they are relatively costly. Even so, these pool accessories carry a broad spectrum of benefits. Most of all, they help pool owners lower their pool maintenance costs and repair costs. In turn, they boost the pool’s durability.

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