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How Much Does It Cost To Install An Above Ground Pool?

More often than not, above ground pools are cheaper than inground pools. As the name suggests, these pools are usually located above the ground. Thus, they may not offer as many benefits as inground pools. Even so, nowadays, there are various types of above ground pools. Each varies in material and cost. But how much does it cost to install an above ground pool?

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Above Ground Pool?
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Install an above ground pool #

Average cost #

Pool owners spend approximately $2,800 when constructing an above ground pool. See, this cost is so much lower than the regular inground pool cost. So, if you have a tight budget, an above ground pool is a great pool alternative. Besides, it serves as a great source of entertainment, fun, and relaxation. With the expansion of the pool industry, you can also customize an above ground pool.

Moreover, if you employ a dependable pool builder to construct an above ground pool for you, it will last for long. In fact, above ground pools can last up to two decades. On the other hand, the average inground pool installation price is $35,000. Although inground pools provide high flexibility and longevity, you would have to go for an above ground pool if you have a fixed budget.

Keep in mind the cost to install an above ground pool varies depending on several factors. Some include the size and type of pool. Typically, larger above ground pools are more expensive than small above ground pools.

Cost to install an above ground pool with deck #

Suppose you wish to include a deck in your above ground pool, you would have to spend more. Most pool builders charge about $15 to $30 per square foot on above ground pools with decks. So, in the end, pool owners can pay up to $10,000 to install an above ground pool with a deck. In a DIY construction project, homeowners can spend as little as $800.

Cost of an above ground pool kit #

As seen earlier, it is much cheaper to conduct a DIY above ground pool construction project. Getting an above ground pool kit will cost you approximately $720 to $8,300. The price, of course, varies depending on your manufacturer

Cost to install an above ground lap pool #

Lap pools need to be deeper. Thus, they are more costly. Fortunately, you can build an above ground lap pool. Doing this can cost you an average of $6,000. Nonetheless, if you desire to construct a high standard above ground lap pool, you might spend up to $30,000. The differences in material mostly cause this price difference. A mixture of steel and polymer above ground pools could cost this much. However, they offer value for money due to their high durability.

Conclusion #

Ultimately, the price to install an above ground pool depends on the pool’s material and size. But, in general, if you have a fixed budget, constructing an above ground pool will save you lots of money.

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