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How Much Does a Vinyl Liner Pool Cost?

At present, purchasing a pool can cost thousands of dollars. So aspiring pool owners often try to cut down on costs by buying the cheapest pool. Compared to other pool types, a vinyl liner pool is the cheapest upon purchase. Hence, they are popular among most homeowners. Nonetheless, if you desire to construct this type of pool, you will spend a lot on maintaining the pool.

How Much Does a Vinyl Liner Pool Cost?
How much does a vinyl liner pool cost? Compared to other pool types, this type of pool is the cheapest upon purchase. Hence, they are popular among most homeowners.

The cost of buying a vinyl liner pool #

When purchasing this pool type, you’ll end up spending approximately $35,000 to $65,000. Even so, the price varies based on different factors:

Geographical area #

The cost of constructing a vinyl liner pool depends on your geographical region. Building a pool in cold climatic conditions is much more expensive due to the complexity involved in landscaping. On the flip side, building pools in warmer climatic conditions is cheaper.

The thickness of the liner #

Another factor that influences the cost of your vinyl liner pool is the thickness of the liner. The thicker the vinyl liner, the higher the costs. You can go for a thin vinyl liner, but keep in mind that it is not as durable as the thick vinyl liner.

Water features #

In most instances, homeowners desire to improve their pool aesthetics using extra water features. Some of them are jets, bubblers, scupper, gushers, and waterfalls. They add to your costs. Different water features have different prices. So talk to your pool contractor and install the best water features for your pool.

Pool size #

Usually, the size of your pool primarily impacts on the costs. Various pool builders charge per square foot costs. So, the larger the pool, the higher the costs.

The shape of the pool #

There are various pool shapes to choose from nowadays. Rectangular pools are the most common and affordable. Their design is simple and mostly constructed in DIY pool projects. Irregular or freeform shapes incorporate intricate building procedures. Thus they are more expensive.

Long-run costs of a vinyl pool #

Unquestionably, a vinyl liner pool is much cheaper compared to other pool types. However, they incorporate a lot of maintenance processes in the long run. Typically, replacing a vinyl liner happens every 4 to 5 years. Although they can last for up to ten years, they are vulnerable to wear and tear. You might end up paying for much more when maintaining the pool. To replace a vinyl liner, you will incur about $5,000.

Nonetheless, vinyl liner pools use fewer pool chemicals and can save on electricity bills than gunite pools. Also, they rarely accommodate algae breeding grounds. So, ensure that you conduct all the proper maintenance procedures.

Summary #

A vinyl liner pool is the most affordable pool, although it incurs a lot of maintenance procedures. Still, it is a good option if you are looking to save on costs.

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