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How Much Does A Swimming Pool Affect Your Electric Bill?

A swimming pool is undoubtedly an excellent investment in your home. However, the costs that come with these spectacular features can be overwhelming. Typically, pools function using electricity. So, if you have a pool, you will incur a higher electric bill. Based on recent studies, pool owners used 50% more electricity than homeowners without pools. So, if you plan on constructing a pool, you better prepare for the massive electricity costs you will incur.

How Much Does A Swimming Pool Affect Your Electric Bill?

What is the average electric bill pool owners pay? #

As seen earlier, pool owners use a lot of electricity compared to regular homeowners. Often, they end up spending an average of $500 annually. In one year, pools use billions of electric kilowatts. Thus, they consume a lot of electricity. Remember, they have pool heaters, filters, pumps, and cleaners that increase the electric bill.

The majority of pool pumps use 2500 kilowatts annually to maintain a clean pool. So, it is essential to buy energy-saving pool pumps if your wish to cut down your electricity bills. Today, there is a broad spectrum of pool pumps. It would be best if you settle for the one that saves energy the most. Moreover, always consult your pool contractor before purchasing a specific pool pump. But is the pool the only home addition to blame for the massive electric bills?

Is it right to entirely blame the pool for your massive electric bill? #

According to statistics, homeowners with pools have much larger houses than standard homeowners. Automatically, this means they will incur more electricity bills. Needless to say, a bigger house has more rooms and more electrical equipment. Most large houses have more than one power source. So, if you think your pool is the only cause of the massive electrical bills, you might be wrong. Yes, a pool plays an enormous role in hiking your electrical bills. But always confirm this by evaluating other home equipment.

Additionally, most pool owners have families. Thus, they have more house occupancy than standard homeowners. As a result, they are likely to incur more electric bills. The pool is, therefore, not the leading cause of your massive electricity bills. Even so, if you are a recent pool owner, expect your monthly electrical bill to increase by a large percentage.

Conclusion #

In most cases, pools significantly increase your electric bill. Thus, it is crucial to devise a way to minimize these costs. One of the significant ways you can do this is by controlling the running of the pool pump. Avoid leaving your pool pump on for 24 hours, especially if you don’t use your pool regularly. Turning on your pool pump for six to eight hours a day would work perfectly for average pools. Also, invest in energy-saving pool equipment like solar energy pumps and heaters. So, before buying a pool pump, always consult your manufacturer.

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