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How Much Does a Swim Up Bar Cost?

The majority of commercial pool owners love adding a swim up bar to spice up their pool area. Swim up bars are benches or seats fixed on the pool’s lower surface. Swimmers can hang out around this area to relax or sip their lemonade while enjoying the pool. These magnificent features are mostly the focal point for most pools. Pool owners can also position the area along the sides of the pool. Today, many residential pool owners add these features to their pools.

How Much Does a Swim Up Bar Cost?
How much does a swim up bar cost? When you hire a pool contractor to install this feature for you, you will spend an average of about $5,000.

What exactly is a swim up bar, and what does it include? #

When installing this feature, pool contractors fix around three to five bar stools on the pool floor. The bar stool height will vary depending on the pool owner’s depth and preference. The sitting area usually gets attached to an outdoor kitchen. This way, swimmers can enjoy their food and drinks around the area.

The swim up bar area can match your outdoor theme color and act as the center of your pool. Some homeowners install a shade around them to make it suitable for use. Of course, this adds to the standard costs.

What is the average cost of a swim up bar? #

When you hire a pool contractor to install a swim up bar for you, you will spend an average of about $5,000. Needless to say, the cost varies based on the depth of the pool and the size of the swim up bar area. Consult your pool builder to get the exact quote.

The process of installing a swim up bar #

  • When putting in place a swim up bar, ensure that you drain out all your pool water. This way, you can fix the stools without any obstacles.
  • Afterward, fix the bar stools or benches on the drilled sections of the pool. Ensure that the holes are completely covered to prevent any possible leakage. Put each leg of the barstool into the drilled pool holes and make sure they are firmly secured. You can cover the area around the hole using cement.
  • Once you are sure that the seats or stools are held firmly on the pool’s floor, allow everything to dry for two to three days. During this time, make sure everything is in check to prevent further damages to your pool. Then, refill your pool with water after some days. Conduct a test run on the swim up bar.

Conclusion #

Swim up bars are mainly constructed so that they enhance a pool’s aesthetics. So, ensure these features complement your pool. But first, determine the pool area that you want to give up. The best thing to do would be to talk to your pool builder and let him or her advice you.

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