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How Much Does A Pool Sweep Cost?

One of the ways to maintain a clean pool is by using a pool sweep. Pool sweeps can help you avoid common pool problems like algae and discolorations. Like vacuums, pool sweeps suck all debris and loose particles in your pool. However, manufacturers design this equipment to function only inside the water. So, you can always purchase a pool sweep if you wish to maintain a crystal clear pool. Nowadays, there are different types of pool sweeps. Each function differently and vary in cost. But how much does the average pool sweep cost?

How Much Does A Pool Sweep Cost?

Average pool sweep cost and types #

Robotic pool sweep #

Robotic pool sweeps are more advanced and have a high-tech configuration. Unlike other pool sweeps, they function using electricity. Robotic pool sweeps help you save on energy and time. They are efficient and get rid of all dirt as well as scrub the pool floor. This equipment also filters and cleans your pool water. Nowadays, there is a broad spectrum of pool sweeps. Their price differs based on the brand, manufacturer, and efficiency. But if you wish to buy a robotic pool sweep, expect to spend about $400 to $1,300. Often, more costly robotic pool sweeps offer high efficiency and durability. Besides, these pool sweeps do not need frequent repairs and can last you for years.

Pressure side pool sweep #

These pool sweeps are ideal for frequently used pools. Pressure side pool sweeps suck pool water from the side with the most pressure on the filter pump. So, they are suitable for getting rid of large dirt particles. Pool owners usually spend about $700 when purchasing a pressure side pool sweep. Although expensive, these pool equipment offer value for money.

Suction side vacuum system #

This type of pool sweep filters and purifies pool water. Usually, suction side vacuum systems function using the pool filter and the pump. The price of a suction side vacuum system lies within a range of $100 to $400. The price varies based on your manufacturer and the brand of the suction pool sweep. Typically, the suction side vacuum systems rotate around the pool to collect all dirt particles and debris. The good thing with such pool sweeps is that they incur low maintenance procedures and costs. Even so, they are relatively slow since you’ll have to keep on removing all dirt particles that entangle themselves on the cartridge.

Conclusion #

Pool sweeps are essential in maintaining a clean pool. Pool sweep cost varies depending on the type of sweep. But in general, robotic pool sweeps are the most expensive and can cost up to $1,300. Regardless of the kind of pool sweep, you have to ensure you take care of it. Otherwise, you would have to spend thousands of dollars on replacing your pool sweep.

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