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How Much Does A Pool Remodel Cost?

Today, pool renovations are unavoidable for the majority of pool owners. Regardless of the type of pool, pools wear out after some years. At this point, they may require major or minor remodel procedures. Occasionally, pool owners may end up spending thousands of dollars on pool remodeling processes. Even so, a pool remodel can switch up your backyard into an exceptional holiday destination. So, how much does a pool remodel cost?

How Much Does A Pool Remodel Cost?

But what is the average pool remodel cost? #

More often than not, you might end up spending about $4,500 to $15,000 on a pool renovation. Of course, minor pool remodels are less expensive than significant pool remodels. For instance, replacing a vinyl pool liner will cost less, while changing the pool shape can cost up to $90,000. Despite the costs, always ensure all your needs get met. So, hire a dependable pool contractor for this.

Moreover, there is a wide range of pool remodel procedures. Mostly, their primary function is to add a whole new charm to your backyard space and improve the functioning of the pool. But some types of pool remodel are minor, and you’d spend less. Ultimately, the pool remodel cost differs depending on the pool problem. Let’s look at the different types of pool remodel procedures with their prices.

  • If you desire to have essential repairs like replacing your pool tiles or invigorating your stonework, you’ll spend a maximum of $1,000. Note that the price varies depending on your pool contractor.
  • At times, you may experience problems with your pool pump and filter. Replacing these pool equipment may cost you approximately $500 to $1,500.
  • One of the most common pool remodels procedures is vinyl liner replacement. Vinyl liners tend to wear out quickly and need replacement after every four to seven years. Replacing a vinyl liner costs an average of $4,000.
  • During resurfacing your pool, you will spend about $7,000. Of course, the price varies depending on the type of finish material. A plaster finish is much cheaper than quartz.
  • After some time, pool owners tend to reconstruct their pool patio. This can cost them $2,000 to $10,000. Additionally, replacing a pool deck will cost about $15,000.

Get the best pool contractor #

When it comes to renovating your pool, you need to hire a dependable contractor. It would be best if you employ a highly experienced pool contractor familiar with all kinds of pool remodel. Remember, a pool remodel cost can be overwhelming. Thus, you want the whole process to go smoothly and all your pool problems to get fixed. Ask your pool contractor to provide a dependable person to construct the renovations. Alternatively, you can always look up the most reputable pool builders near you on the internet. Ultimately, look for a contractor who offers the best pool remodel cost.

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