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How Much Does A Lazy River Cost?

Installing a lazy river is a great way to invigorate your backyard space. A lazy river is an excellent source of fun and entertainment. Hence, the majority of commercial pool owners love adding this feature to their property. Swimmers can always enjoy this water ride by relaxing on their rafts as they feel water’s slow movement. So, how much does a lazy river cost?

How Much Does A Lazy River Cost?

Lazy river cost #

A lazy river cost of construction differs from one contractor to another. Also, other factors like the size and type of the pool will influence its prices. However, on average, homeowners end up spending $120,000. At times a lazy river that extends for a long distance can cost more than $60,000. Expensive, right? Well, a lazy river can cost you thousands of dollars. However, they offer value for money and bring a large return on investment, especially for commercial pool owners.

What type of backyard can accommodate a lazy river? #

Fortunately, you can include the lazy river effect in almost any type of pool. All you have to do is slow the flow of water in your pool. But if you have a large backyard space, you can create a pool with a river-like shape and implement this effect to create a lazy river.

What sets this pool from a regular pool? #

Unlike a standard pool, a lazy river pool is shallow and has slow water current. It is a perfect spot for swimmers who don’t want to exercise too much in the pool. They can lie on their rafts as they enjoy the gradual water current. Often, a lazy river is in hotels and recreational facilities.

The width of a lazy river #

The majority of people think that lazy rivers have to be narrow. Well, this could be true. But you have to understand that different pools get built based on individual requirements. However, the standard lazy river incorporates a width of at least six feet. If you desire to install a lazy river in your residential property, feel free to build it based on your specifications. You can have a totally different shape yet a river-like current. A lazy river is ideal if you have fun water features like water slides.

In summary #

Lazy rivers are a fantastic source of beauty and entertainment. They are popular among most commercial pool owners. However, they can be too costly. A lazy river cost is approximately $120,000. Additionally, a lazy river can cost as much as $600,000. But choose to overlook the costs and turn your pool dreams into reality. Lazy river pools offer value for money. Besides, such pools attract tourists more and bring in a large return on investment.

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