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How Much Does A Fiberglass Inground Pool Cost?

Currently, the popularity of fiberglass pools is on the rise. Unlike before, these pools have a much stronger pool shell that offers high adaptability. Besides, these pools incur the least maintenance costs. So, if you wish to save on your initial pool and lifetime costs, a fiberglass inground pool is a good alternative. So, how much does a fiberglass inground pool cost?

How Much Does A Fiberglass Inground Pool Cost?

The cost of a fiberglass inground pool #

Several factors determine a fiberglass inground pool cost. Some include pool equipment, labor costs, among others. Nonetheless, a fiberglass inground pool costs approximately $45,000. See, it’s not as expensive as concrete pools. Of course, the prices can be lower or higher based on your pool contractor and pool type. Ultimately, a fiberglass inground pool is a medium-priced pool. It costs less than concrete pools and higher than vinyl liner pools. The price will be much higher if you wish to add additional water features and pool accessories.

Different types of fiberglass pools and their costs #

Fiberglass above ground pools #

Typically, above ground pools are less costly than inground pools. So, fiberglass above ground pools cost about $20,000 to $75,000 depending on several factors. Note that fiberglass above ground pools are more costly compared to standard above ground pools. While a regular above ground pool can cost as cheap as $800, fiberglass above ground pools go for at least $20,000. But why? Fiberglass above ground pool will need a lot of support to stay firm on the ground.

Fiberglass lap pools cost #

A lap pool is excellent for limited backyard spaces. If you wish to construct a fiberglass pool, expect to pay about $40,000 or $65,000 at most.

Fiberglass saltwater pools #

Unlike gunite pools, fiberglass pools accommodate saltwater. Constructing a fiberglass saltwater pool costs about $20,000 to $60,000.

Fiberglass infinity pools #

Vanishing edge pools tend to be way costly compared to standard pools. So, fiberglass vanishing edge pools price lies within a range of $40,000 to $70,000. Their high costs are due to the complexity involved during construction. Pool contractors design these pools to have a “no boundary” illusional effect. Thus, they are well known to offer distinctive aesthetics.

Fiberglass plunge pools #

Plunge pools are great if you have limited backyard space and finances. A fiberglass inground plunge pool cost approximately $15,000 to $40,000.

In conclusion #

A fiberglass inground pool can transform your backyard into a tranquil oasis. Besides, this pool is cost-efficient and offers value for money. There are various types of fiberglass inground pools you can install. Each varies in prices and configuration. But all in all, a fiberglass inground pool cost is an average of $45,000. The price differs depending on the pool type and size.

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