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How Much Does A 18×36 Inground Pool Cost?

Pools vary in shape and sizes. Indisputably, each pool is unique and incur different pool construction costs. So, it is suitable for homeowners to identify their pool needs and expenses. Note that different pool contractors offer different quotations. But one of the main factors that affect an inground pool cost is the pool size. So, how much does an 18×36 inground pool cost?

How Much Does A 18x36 Inground Pool Cost?

What is the average price of installing an inground pool? #

First, let’s look at the general inground pool cost. When constructing an inground pool, homeowners spend approximately $51,000 on pool construction. Needless to say, the inground pool cost varies depending on the pool type and design. Your prices will also be much higher if you plan to include extra water features in you the pool. For example, if you wish to install a water slide, you will incur extra thousands of dollars. Typically, concrete pools are the most expensive inground pools, while vinyl pools are the cheapest. But note that when installing an inground pool; always look at the lifetime costs instead of the initial costs.

18×36 inground pool cost #

Homeowners with large backyard spaces always opt for 18×36 pools. These pools are large and serve as a great source of entertainment. If you have a large family, 18×36 pools will meet almost all your pool requirements. These pools can accommodate large bather loads. Therefore, they are more costly than most pool types. On average, the inground pool costs for 18×36 pools are $60,000. The price depends on your pool contractor, design, landscape, among other factors. Generally, we can say that the larger the pool, the more the inground pool cost.

How much will I spend on a small pool? #

On the other hand, if you have limited yard space, you can still turn your pool dreams into reality. Building a small-sized pool can cost as less as $10,000. So, you need not worry about the limited yard space. Today, there is a broad spectrum of pool types that cater to all your pool needs.

Does the location influence the inground pool cost? #

Your geographical region also affects the pool construction costs. If you live in winter regions, pool contractors charge more. This is because they usually have a hard time during construction. Excavating a pool area in winter areas is not the same as excavating a pool in warmer regions.

Conclusion #

Ultimately, the costs for a 18×36 pool varies depending on your pool type and design. However, the average for constructing such pools lies between $30,000 to $80,000. Of course, the price depends on the additional water features and the type of pool contractor. Often, highly experienced pool builders are more expensive. All in all, it would be best if you settle for a reputable pool contractor to create a custom quality pool for you.

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