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How Much Does A 12×24 Inground Pool Cost?

At present, there is a wide range of pool types. Each varies in design, configuration, and costs. For instance, concrete pools are more costly due to their high longevity and flexibility. On the flip side, vinyl pools are cheaper due to their delicate material. Nonetheless, all aspiring pool owners always wish to minimize their pool construction costs. But first, it would be best if they get a clear picture of the average inground pool cost based on the pool’s size and type.

How Much Does A 12x24 Inground Pool Cost?

How much will I spend on a 12×24 inground pool? #

The inground pool cost for a 12×24 pool varies based on the pool type. A 12 x 24 pool is relatively small and ideal for limited backyard spaces. Thus, it is relatively cheaper than most pool sizes. A 12×24 fiberglass inground pool will cost approximately $40,000 to $45,000. Of course, the price differs based on the type of pool contractor and additional water features.

Conversely, a vinyl inground pool measuring 12×24 costs about $25,000 to 35,000. See, vinyl pools are cheaper due to their short durability. If you plan to construct a 12×24 pool, it would be best if you settle for a fiberglass inground pool. However, always analyze all your pool needs before purchasing a particular pool. Additionally, you might end up spending $40,000 to $50,000 on 12×24 concrete pools. Note that concrete pools are the most expensive yet always offer value for money. Extra water features also increase pool construction costs.

What if I want another pool size? #

15×30 inground pool cost #

Nowadays, pool owners customize their pools. So, you can choose to construct a larger pool of 15×30. Once you do this, you might end up spending an average of $35,000 for a vinyl pool. The inground pool cost for a 15×30 fiberglass pool is approximately $45,000. Moreover, concrete pools of this size can cost up to $55,000. If your budget is not fixed, this pool size is a better alternative than the 12×24 inground pools. Furthermore, there is a wide range of pool sizes you can choose from.

The bottom line #

Remember that all the prices above are average estimates. Pool experts come up with pool price estimates from recent surveys. So, ensure you ask your pool builder how much they charge. But the inground pool cost should not be far away from the above price range. Also, note that several factors influence the pool construction costs. For instance, if you wish to build an intricate pool layout like a zero-edge pool, you’ll incur higher inground pool costs. Besides, every homeowner has different pool needs. Thus, it is essential to hire a reliable pool contractor who ensures all your pool requirements get met.

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