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How Long Does Pool Plumbing Last?

The pool plumbing system is the heart of every pool. This system plays a massive role in ensuring your pool works effectively. So, aspiring pool owners should always hire dependable pool contractors to install their system. Otherwise, they would have to replace their system within a short time. Not to mention, this process can cost you a fortune. But how long does pool plumbing last?

How Long Does Pool Plumbing Last?

Do you have to replace your pool plumbing often? #

Often, pool contractors use a 40pvc pipe for plumbing their pool. This type of pipe is popular among most homeowners due to its durability and versatility. On average, a standard system can last for over two decades. However, you may notice the pipe will wear out after some time. Once you see this, do your best to ensure you replace the pool plumbing as soon as possible. Also, at times, the system does not meet your state guidelines. In such instances, you have to replace your pool plumbing.

Pool Timers longevity #

Pool timers are essential in maintaining a clean pool. A pool timer is usually enclosed in a container. Pool timers make your pool pump run within the desired time frame. Although the box is a suitable habitat for insects, it can hold the timer for more than a decade. Moreover, the box shields the pool timer from damage.

Pool Heaters #

Today, there is a wide range of pool heaters. This equipment mostly lasts for approximately seven years. Of course, this depends on the type of pool heater and its efficiency. For instance, costly pool heaters tend to have a longer lifespan compared to cheap pool heaters. If you have a saltwater pool, the pool heater will last for a short period. You may have to replace it after six years. So, it would be best to invest in a good pool heater that offers value for money.

Automation #

With the evolution of technology, pool automation has become more popular. In most instances, pool automation offers high durability of up to ten years. These pool systems can last for long when taken care of. Also, modern pool automation is likely to last longer.

In summary #

A pool plumbing system incorporates various equipment like the heaters and filters. On average, it can last for fifteen to twenty years. Some can last longer, depending on the level of maintenance. So, always take good care of your system to prolong its durability. Ensure that your pool contractor installs the pool plumbing system correctly to avoid common pool problems. Ultimately employ a dependable pool contractor who has extensive experience in plumbing pools.

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