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How Long Does Pool Excavation Take?

If you want your pool ready before summer, now is the best time to construct your pool. It’s the low season; pool contractors will give you the best prices and deliver a quality pool. Not to mention, your pool will be ready before the next summer season. The pool construction period varies depending on the type of pool and contractor. Usually, concrete pools incur the longest construction time, followed by vinyl pools. Regardless of the type of pool, contractors must incorporate specific steps during construction. One of them is pool excavation. I mean, if you wish to construct any pool, you must create the pool area through digging. But how long does pool excavation take?

How Long Does Pool Excavation Take?

Pool excavation #

The first step in constructing a pool is digging the pool area. Usually, this process takes approximately five to seven days. Of course, it depends on the size and type of pool. If you have more than two contractors working on-site, they will finish excavating much faster. The time taken for pool excavation also relies on the landscape. Occasionally, underground cables and tree roots might be a hindrance to pool construction. But your pool builders should not take more than a week to excavate the pool. Even so, some factors might interfere with the pool excavation period. They include:

State permits #

When you plan to construct a pool, you have to schedule an inspection with your local authorities. Here, they approve whether your property is safe for construction. Once you book an appointment with them, they come to your property and check for any obstacles to tamper with construction. They may also carry a land surveyor to identify the boundary lines. This process can take longer than expected. Even worse, your local authorities could schedule an inspection date that is far from your anticipated date. Additionally, once they approve your property, it might take some time before you get the actual license.

Coming up with the pool layout #

You have to settle for the most suitable pool design option before you start excavating the pool. This way, your pool contractor will strategically dig up the pool area. If you have a well-trained pool builder, they will offer outstanding 3D pool design options based on your specifications. Ultimately, ensure you settle for a pool layout that complements your backyard space. Do this within a short time. This way, your pool builder can proceed with pool construction.

In summary #

Pool excavation is a critical stage of pool construction. Remember, it sets the foundation for all other construction steps. But you need not worry about the time taken during pool excavation. On average, pool contractors only take a week to finish pool excavation.

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