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How Long Does It Take To Shoot Gunite?

After completion, gunite pools are a spectacular sight to reckon with. However, they incorporate a unique and relatively intricate construction process. Pool contractors implement various steps when constructing gunite pools. The gunite application process is fundamental. Think about it. Without gunite material, the pool wouldn’t be called a gunite pool. So, pool contractors have to shoot gunite when constructing a gunite pool.

How Long Does It Take To Shoot Gunite?

Shoot gunite; how long does this process take? #

After excavating and plumbing the pool, you need to spread gunite material onto the pool area. But what is gunite? Typically, gunite is a combination of sand, cement, and water. What sets it apart from shotcrete is that it gets mixed with water during application. Let’s put this in simpler terms. Pool contractors combine sand and cement. Then, they insert the mixture into a high-velocity hose. On the flip side, water gets inserted into a separate tube in the high-pressure hose. During application, the combination of sand and cement mix with water at the hose’s nozzle.

Pool builders have to shoot gunite at high speed in specific layers. Otherwise, the pool’s foundation would get tampered with. Thus, you need a pool professional to shoot gunite. Suppose you plan on building the pool yourself, ensure you have the right knowledge on gunite application. The gunite gets spread out according to the pool’s layout.

Usually, pool contractors take five to seven days to shoot gunite. You have to shoot gunite at least five times a day for the application to be complete in less than a week. Spreading out the gunite for more than a week will interfere with bonding.

Gunite curing #

After application, leave gunite to cure for about four to six weeks. During this time, the gunite molecules bond and take in moisture. Consequently, gunite becomes robust and offers ideal support to the pool. While the gunite cures, regularly check for any signs of dirt particles. Get rid of all debris, leaves, and dirt that settles on the gunite. Whenever you notice significant cracks on the gunite, contact your pool contractor immediately. At times, gunite develops tiny cracks when curing. This should not raise any alarm. After 28 days, your pool contractor will come back to proceed with pool construction.

Conclusion #

Your pool builder should not take about a week to shoot gunite. They should ensure that the surface is even after completion. As pool builders do this, they should avoid tampering with the sprayed gunite. Also, avoid walking on the gunite surface while it is still fresh. Otherwise, you will ruin the surface. It would be best if you waited for at least five days for you to walk on the gunite surface.

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