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How Long Does It Take To Build a Pool?

Besides getting to know a pool’s cost, homeowners often want to know the time taken to build a pool. The truth is, it depends on the type, size, and design of the pool. For instance, constructing vanishing edge pools takes longer due to its intricate design. Fiberglass pools, on the flip side, take a few weeks to be complete.

How Long Does It Take To Build a Pool?
How long does it take to build a pool? It depends on the type, size, and design if the pool. For instance, constructing vanishing edge pools takes longer due to its intricate design.

How much time will the pool construction take? #

Applying and getting your pool permit #

Almost all states require pool owners to obtain a permit to build a pool. So, you ought to visit your state offices and apply for the permit. You have to present the pool specifications on paper. Afterward, inspectors come over to inspect your site. This process could take a maximum of two months. However, the time varies depending on your state. It could even take two weeks for you to get the permit. If you want to get the building permit much faster, it would be best to let your pool contractor handle this process.

Creating pool space through excavation #

The first step to build a pool is excavation. Pool builders take an average of about a week to complete this process. Again, it depends on your pool size. If the pool is large, pool contractors will have to dig a larger pool area. Thus, they take longer to excavate large pools.

The rebar framework and plumbing #

After excavation, pool builders install your pool’s foundation. During this process, they put in place rebar around the pool area. It helps in holding the pool sides and walls. Afterward, contractors install plumbing systems for your pool. Fixing the rebar, plumbing, and electrical systems usually take approximately two weeks.

Installation procedure for different pools #

The time taken for pool installation significantly varies on the type of pool. Concrete pools incur the most protracted installation process. On the contrary, fiberglass and vinyl pools take a shorter installation period. So, let’s look at the time taken by each pool.

Vinyl liner pools #

Installation of vinyl liner pools can take less than 14 days. Even so, it depends on the design and size of the pool.

Fiberglass pools #

Fiberglass pools are the fastest pools to install. They take less than a week. These pools are ready-made upon delivery. Thus, the installation process takes the shortest time compared to other pool types.

Concrete pools #

It takes a long period to build a concrete pool. Once the gunite gets sprayed over the rebar framework, contractors leave it for at least 28 days to cure. So, if you plan to build a concrete pool, you’d instead start the process early.

Conclusion #

The period of pool construction depends on the type of pool. Thus, if you wish to build a pool, settle for the one that will match your time frame.

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