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How Long Does It Take For A Gunite Pool To Cure?

In this present age and time, gunite pools are popular among most homeowners. These pools are well known for their flexibility and longevity. So, if you plan on installing a gunite pool, you are on the right track. However, there is a downside to this. These pools take the most extended construction period. Mainly, this is because the gunite has to cure for about 28 days or more. Imagine waiting this long just for gunite to cure. Well, as much as you may dismiss gunite pools due to a more extended construction period, they are worth the wait.

How Long Does It Take For A Gunite Pool To Cure?

The average time gunite takes to cure #

Constructing a gunite pool incorporates several steps. Surprisingly, these steps are similar to the steps used in building other pool types. But gunite pools take longer due to the curing process. Usually, pool contractors spray this material on the rebar using a high-pressure hose. After they do this, they leave the gunite to cure for approximately 28 days. At times, pool builders leave it for more than 28 days to ensure the gunite stays firmly on the pool’s foundation. When you do not leave gunite to cure for this long, your pool may experience structural problems both in the short and long run. So, as much as you get tempted to skip this process, please ensure you do it correctly. When it cures correctly, it forms a robust support system for the pool.

During this time, the gunite molecules come together as well as take in moisture. The more gunite material absorbs water, the more it becomes firm. This explains why some pool builders will leave gunite to cure for as long as six weeks.

So, is a gunite pool worth a try? #

Despite the long construction period, gunite pools offer value for money. Here’s why:

High longevity #

Gunite pools are well known for their high longevity. They have rebar underneath them that forms part of the pool’s foundation. Thus, you can rest assured that this pool type can last for several decades.

Highly customizable #

Gunite pools are highly adaptable. They provide a broad spectrum of pool designs for aspiring pool owners. With gunite, you can create any pool shape and size. Also, during major pool renovations, pool builders can easily change the form of this type of pool. In fact, the most intricate pool designs incorporate gunite material. So, turn your pool dreams into a reality by installing a gunite pool.

In summary #

Gunite pool construction takes a long time due to the curing of gunite. However, note that the curing process is a critical step of the construction. It requires time and patience. On average, it takes 28 days for gunite to cure. However, the more you leave gunite to cure, the better.

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