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How Long Does A Pool Remodel Take?

After years of use, pool owners often need to conduct a significant pool remodel. Of course, most pool owners conduct a pool remodel to add a whole new charm to their backyard. Nevertheless, pool owners might feel intimidated by the thought of conducting a pool renovate. A pool remodel might take longer than anticipated and cost thousands of dollars. Even so, these time and cost factors vary based on the type of project. This article looks at different types of remodeling and the time taken to conduct them.

How Long Does A Pool Remodel Take?

Replacing a pool liner #

Suppose you have a vinyl pool, expect to change your liner after every four to seven years. Over time, a vinyl liner is vulnerable to wear and tear and needs replacement. Pool contractors usually take an average of one week to replace a vinyl pool liner. So, you need not worry about such a pool remodel. It won’t take long. However, replacing a vinyl liner is costly. On average, you might end up spending $4,000 on replacing a vinyl pool liner. Typically, replacing a pool liner is a minor pool renovation.

Major pool remodel #

Occasionally, pool owners need to conduct significant pool remodeling projects. Some of them include restructuring the pool deck and resurfacing the pool. With such remodeling projects, expect to see your pool contractor for about two weeks to a month in your home. A good pool builder will strive to reduce this time frame so that you can continue enjoying your pool as usual. Major pool renovations also require pool owners to drain their pools. For instance, fixing structural pool cracks can only take place when the pool is empty. Also, it takes a while before the water gets refilled into the pool. Confirm the exact time of the pool remodel with your pool contractor.

Hire a reputable pool contractor #

It is essential to employ a dependable pool builder to conduct a pool remodel for you. Come to think of it. A professional pool contractor portrays excellent customer service and aims at giving you 100% satisfaction. So, they will do their best to ensure they complete the pool before the given deadline, even if it means working overtime. Besides, an experienced pool contractor will always shorten the time to take for pool remodeling.

Conclusion #

On average, a significant remodeling project takes approximately two to six weeks. On the flip side, a minor pool renovation takes about one week to be complete. So, don’t cringe at the thought of a pool remodel. All you have to do is prepare and organize yourself for the pool remodel. As a result, pool renovations won’t interfere with your daily schedule.

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