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How Long Does A Pebble Tec Finish Last?

In the past, plaster was the predominant pool finish material. Nowadays, there is a broad spectrum of pool finishes, from pebbles to ceramic tiles. All offer unique aesthetic features and can transform your yard into a first-class holiday destination. Often, pool owners select the most suitable material that caters to their pool needs. But you have to understand the importance of a pool finishing material. It makes the whole difference. Think about it. Even though a pool layout is simple, a pool finish significantly enhances the pool’s appealing nature. Currently, one of the most quality pool finish materials is pebble tec finish.

How Long Does A Pebble Tec Finish Last?
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Pebble Tec finish #

This pool finish is modern and ideal for pool construction. Moreover, this finish is more costly than plaster. But this unique material provides a wide range of benefits. But what is a Pebble Tec finish? As the name suggests, it is a refined combination of small and large pebbles. Often, the finish appears like a creek bottom.

So, does a pebble tec finish offer high longevity? #

Although expensive, this finishing provides high durability. In fact, it can last for more than two decades. However, this only occurs when you take care of the finish material. So, always make sure you use the right pool chemicals that won’t damage your pool. On the other hand, plaster incurs recurring maintenance costs and procedures. It requires replacement every five years. Pool experts rank the material as one of the most robust finish material. This material does not wear out even when exposed to most pool chemicals. Additionally, this quality pool finish lasts for long periods in warmer climates. You might never require pebble tec finish replacement if you stay in warmer areas.

It is worth the purchase #

Aside from offering durability, this pool finish comes in a wide range of designs. Thus, it works best for highly customized pools. It is is eye-catching and can modify your backyard into a luxurious haven.

Types of pebble tec finish #

Usually, this finishing exists in different types. They include PebbleFina, PebbleSheen, and PebbleTec. All these varieties complement almost any backyard space. Your pool contractor will advise you best on the most suitable option. All these pebble finish types invigorate your backyard space.

In summary #

Ultimately, pebble tec finish is a premium pool finish that offers value for money. Although expensive, this pool finish can last for more than two decades and a lifetime in warmer areas. But it would be best if you take care of this pool finish to boost its durability. If you plan on incorporating this pool finish, you rest assured of safety.

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