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How Long Do Pool Vinyl Liners Last?

Vinyl pool liners are the most affordable pool option in this present time and age. But when buying this pool, always be aware that they don’t offer high longevity. Vinyl liner pools always need liner replacement after every five or four years. However, with the right maintenance procedures, the liner can last for more than a decade. Over time, liners begin wearing out and may need repair. This occurs due to several factors like exposure to sunlight and pool chemicals. Thus, when you have a vinyl pool, make sure you use the right pool chemicals.

How Long Do Pool Vinyl Liners Last?
How long do pool vinyl liners last? Liners can last for more than a decade when taken care of.

Additionally, position it in a suitable environment. In this present article, we discuss some of the proper maintenance procedures that prolong your pool vinyl liners’ lifespan.

Making sure you have the right pool chemistry #

Maintaining the right pool chemistry plays a massive role in contributing to your pool vinyl liners’ lifespan. Besides ensuring that your pool is always clean, make sure that your water’s pH is accurate. Let’s look at a practical illustration. Suppose your water’s pH is still low, the liner is likely to wear and tear much quickly. Additionally, if you sanitize your pool using pure chlorine, it can damage the liner. Undiluted chlorine is harsh and damages liners.

Keep sharp objects away from the pool #

During the construction of vinyl liner pools, your pool contractor will always tell you to buy thick liners. Thick vinyl liners are more robust and withstand harsh conditions. Even so, any liner can get a puncture. So, always clear out your pool from any sharp objects. You can do this through a normal vacuuming process. As a result, you maintain a clean pool. Also, you’ll safeguard your vinyl liner from damage

Watch your pool water level #

Always make sure that you have the right pool water in the pool. Low water levels can damage the liner. So, whenever you notice a drop in your water level, ensure you refill the pool.

Use the best pool covers #

Pool covers are one of the best techniques to safeguard liners. These features maintain a clean and healthy pool. They protect the liner from damage from the sun. Also, they protect the liner during winter seasons.

Install the liner right #

Hire a dependable pool contractor to ensure the vinyl liner stays in good shape. Installing a vinyl liner pool inappropriately can lead to issues with the liner. You may need to replace a wrongly placed liner.

Conclusion #

Pool vinyl liners can last for more than a decade when taken care of. There are several measures pool owners ought to observe to prolong the lifespan of their vinyl liners. All in all, vinyl pool liners are inexpensive but have the highest maintenance costs.

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