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How Long Do Pool Skimmers Last?

Besides the standard pool cleaning methods, pool owners use skimmers to maximize their pool’s cleanliness. After the water passes through the pool filter, it flows to the pool skimmer. Here, all loose debris and dirt particles get filtered. The pool skimmer contains a basket that stores all the dirt. So, homeowners should empty the skimmer as often as possible. Otherwise, it can get clogged and lead to serious pool problems like algae and pool stains. Maintaining a pool skimmer well also boosts the durability of the pool. But how long do pool skimmers last?

How Long Do Pool Skimmers Last?

How Long Do Skimmers Last? #

On average, a pool skimmer should last for approximately 20 to 25 years. Even so, this only occurs when the skimmer is adequately maintained. Often, pool owners replace their pool skimmer at the same time they’re replacing their vinyl pool liner. But it is always good to purchase a quality pool skimmer that lasts for decades. This way, you can cut on your maintenance costs.

How do you know your skimmer needs replacement? #

If you are a new pool owner, it can be challenging to know whether your skimmer needs replacement. One way to identify a worn-out pool skimmer is when the plastic becomes brittle. Moreover, other signs include:

  • Cracks: Occasionally, your pool skimmer develops cracks. This is a common issue among most homeowners. It should get fixed immediately to prevent further damage. These cracks eventually lead to leaks.
  • Sometimes, the pool skimmer disconnects itself from the pool wall. When you experience such an issue, contact your pool contractor to fix it.
  • At times, the pool deck can put too much pressure on the pool skimmer. As a result, the skimmer develops cracks.
  • When your skimmer gets older, it starts to develop rust. In turn, this can lead to cracks, which lead to leaks.
  • There are instances where the mouth of the pool skimmer gets damaged. When this happens, the mouth starts drawing in the air instead of water.

If you notice the above issues, it might be time to replace the pool skimmer.

The process of replacing pool skimmers #

If you desire to replace your skimmer, below is a detailed process on how to do so.

  • First, the pool skimmers get detached from the pool walls.
  • Then, pool contractors install new pipes used to run the pool skimmer.
  • Afterward, a new skimmer gets positioned where the old skimmer was. Meanwhile, pool contractors connect it with the pool plumbing system.
  • Once this is complete, concrete gets poured around the area to secure the pool skimmer.

In conclusion #

In this present age and time, there is a broad spectrum of pool skimmers. Each has different configurations. The best pool skimmers have wider mouths and function more effectively. Ultimately, it is always good to buy the most suitable pool skimmer that caters to all your pool needs.

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