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How Long Do LED Pool Lights Last?

Today, LED lights are the most popular lights pool homeowners incorporate. These lights offer a wide range of benefits. But the most prominent advantage of these pool lights is that they save on energy. Unlike fiber optic lights, LED lights do not consume too much energy and cut down your electrical bills. Pool professionals also recommend these lights due to their high durability. So, how long do LED pool lights last?

How Long Do LED Pool Lights Last?

LED pool lights durability #

The longevity of LED lights depends on the exact type of LED light. But, on average, they can last for a decade. They carry power that can function for 20000 hours. So, it is always good to purchase a LED light that will offer value for money. At times, such types of lights can be too costly for pool owners. So, they purchase LED lights that last for approximately five to seven years. Furthermore, these pool lights incur fewer maintenance costs.

Other benefits of LED lights #

Save on energy #

LED pool lights play a huge role in cutting down your electricity bills. They consume less energy and function with about 40 watts. On the other hand, normal pool lights function with 300 to 500 watts. Even though you’ll spend a lot on buying LED pool lights, you’ll save on your lifetime pool light costs.

Few maintenance procedures #

The diodes on LED lighting do not require a lot of maintenance. Thus, you spend much on replacing or fixing your LED pool lights. As a result, you enjoy your pool without worrying about pool repairs.

Boost your home’s aesthetics #

You can transform your backyard space into a radiant oasis using LED pool lights. They come in a broad spectrum of colors. Thus, they create the perfect chill spot in your backyard for you and your family. Besides, they offer the most relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in your backyard.  They also enhance your swimming visibility at night.

Moreover, there are color-changing LED lights. So, you don’t have to settle for a particular color. With color-changing LED lights, you can incorporate all colors.

User friendly #

LED lights are user friendly. You can control LED lights using an automated system. Thus, you can regulate LED lights from the comfort of your couch. Unlike before, you don’t have to keep going to the pool’s power source to regulate LED lights. You only need to have a remote to switch on or switch off the lights.

Conclusion #

LED pool lights offer a broad spectrum of benefits to its users. If you want to upgrade your pool with these, consider installing these lights. They are cost-effective and energy saving. All you have to do is hire a dependable pool builder who will deliver a job well done.

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