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How Long Do Above Ground Pools Last?

Above ground pools offer as much enjoyment as inground pools. Even though they are not popular like inground pools, they can cater to all your pool requirements. Besides, above ground pools are much cheaper and offer high longevity. These pools can stay for two decades in good shape. Of course, the durability of these pools varies depending on your maintenance procedures. Some of the factors that influence the durability of the pools include the pool type and climatic conditions.

How Long Do Above Ground Pools Last?

Are there different types of above ground pools? #

In case you didn’t know, above ground pools come in different types. They include resin frame pools, steel frame pools, inflatable pools, and hybrid pools. Each of them offers various advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, they provide different levels of longevity. So, let’s look at how long each of these above ground pools lasts.

Steel frame pools #

As the name suggests, these pools have steel material. Thus, they are very robust and last for a long time. Their lifespan lies between five to ten years. Needless to say, this period varies depending on pool maintenance. Suppose you observe all your manufacturer’s instructions during maintenance; a steel frame pool will last for a long. Often, these pools incorporate a mixture of steel, zinc, and aluminum. The downside with this material is that it can easily rust and corrode based on the climatic conditions.

Resin frame pools #

Unlike steel frame pools, resin frame pools are less robust. The resin material is almost like plastic and can last up to ten years. Even so, these pools can withstand harsh climatic conditions. So, they don’t rust easily. Besides, they make swimming experiences more fun by providing a cold surface.

Hybrid above ground pools #

These pools are a mixture of steel and resin. Thus, they contain both resin and steel material. Consequently, they are healthy and provide more durability. In fact, hybrid above ground pools can last up to twenty years. Note that this period varies depending on a variety of factors. A hybrid pool is one of the best above ground pool options you can choose.

Inflatable pools #

One of the most affordable above ground pools is the inflatable pool. Inflatable pools are more advanced compared to other pools. Thus, they are a great source of entertainment, especially for your kids. However, they don’t offer high longevity, like the other pools. Their lifespan lies between one to five years.

Conclusion #

Nowadays, there are different types of above ground pools. Each offers different longevity. Pool experts recommend hybrid pools since they have the most extended lifespan. However, it would best if you purchase an above ground pool that meets all your pool needs. Ultimately, they can last up to twenty years.

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