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How Does a Negative Edge Pool Work?

A negative edge pool is well known for its sophisticated and architectural design. Also known as infinite vanishing edge pools, these pools incorporate a distinct design. In fact, they can switch up your backyard into a magnificent chill spot. Pool owners customize them to complement their surrounding background. Mostly, they appear to merge with the horizon or a specific water body. Negative edge pools vary in size and shape. It all depends on the preference of the pool owner. You can find them in first-class resorts among any other destination.

How Does a Negative Edge Pool Work?
How does a negative edge pool work? These pools appear to merge with the horizon or a specific water body. Negative edge pools vary in size and shape.

What does a negative edge pool contain? #

Vanishing edge pools usually provide breathtaking views. But how does a negative edge pool work? Pool contractors match the water level of one side of the pool with the pool wall’s height. As a result, this creates a visual trick of water merging with the surrounding background. Pool builders create a surge chamber as well. This is where water flows into after flowing over the edge. So, typically, in a this type of pool, there are two pools. The main pool and the surge chamber or catch basin.

Where does water flow into? #

Water that flows into the catch basin gets pumped back into the main pool repeatedly. This creates a breathtaking view of the water with no boundary. Due to their intricate design, it is expensive to construct a negative edge pool. Nonetheless, the aesthetics provided by these pools are worth it. Thus, they serve as a major attraction to most swimming pool users.

How does a negative edge pool function? #

A negative edge pool design makes the construction process more complicated than that of a standard pool. Only pool experts can construct this feature. The inclinations have to be specific, and one small mistake would mean that you start building the pool from scratch. The water level and the pool wall have to be precise. The pumping systems have to accommodate both the main pool and surge chamber. So, ensure your pool builder is knowledgeable about constructing these pools. They will advise you on the best area to place your pool to maximize its aesthetic features. Even if you have limited space, you can still incorporate a negative edge pool. They can create a magical effect on your small backyard.

Summary #

Although negative edge pools offer breathtaking views, they are costly. Even so, they can provide a large return on investment, especially for a commercial pool owner. Most people get attracted to properties with such pools. Thus, consider installing this pool in your backyard. Surprisingly, you won’t feel the impact it will have on your costs due to its many benefits.

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