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How Do You Replace A Fiber Optic Pool Light with an LED?

Without a doubt, fiber optic pool lights can switch up your yard into a glowing oasis. Today, these pool lights are common among most homeowners due to their affordability and attractiveness. Fiber optic pool lights also increase swimming visibility at night. Typically, a fiber optic pool light has a bulb placed on the pool patio. It has a wire that transmits the light to a special box in the pool walls. This way, your pool stays lit at night.

How Do You Replace A Fiber Optic Pool Light with an LED?

At present, there is a broad spectrum of pool lights. LED lights are now the most popular pool lights. They are energy-saving and last for long compared to other types of pool lights. Although costly, LED lights offer value for money. As a result, most homeowners always seek to upgrade their pool lights from fiber-optic lights to LED lights. Luckily, the process of replacing a fiber optic light with a LED light is relatively easy.

So, how do you change from a fiber optic light to a LED light? #

First, you should carefully remove the components placed in the current conduit. Some of them include the fiber optic bundles and the illuminator. Afterward, install the LED lights. Then connect them to the power source. You can always choose your preferred color of LED lights. They come in a wide array of colors. Alternatively, you can choose the color-changing LED lights. This is a popular option among most pool owners. Color changing LED lights to offer the perfect ambiance in your backyard.

Additionally, most manufacturers always provide an installation manual whenever you ask them to. If you plan to replace your fiber optic pool light with a LED light, you are on the right track. LED lights are more affordable and incur low maintenance costs.

Summary #

LED lights are a great way to modify your outdoor living space into a tranquil haven. They create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Also, they light up your poolside area and enable you to hold special events with your family at night. Not to mention, LED pool lighting allows you to navigate the pool even during the night safely. Besides, these pool lightings have the longest lifespan and few maintenance procedures. Unlike a fiber optic pool light, they can last for more than a decade. With LED lights, you rest assured of safety and durability. If you want to cut down your electricity bills, it may be time to upgrade your pool with a fiber-optic light.

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