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How Do You Repair A Gunite Pool Crack?

Today, gunite pools are the most popular pools among most homeowners. Even so, they incur high maintenance costs and procedures. Often, gunite pools experience various problems that interfere with their longevity. One of the common issues faced by gunite pools is cracks. Gunite pools have rough surfaces and are prone to friction. In turn, they are more vulnerable to developing cracks. Luckily, there is a wide range of techniques that can fix a gunite pool crack.

How Do You Repair A Gunite Pool Crack?

Gunite pool cracks #

After some years of use, your gunite pool is most likely to experience cracks. Nonetheless, at times, cracks occur due to poor installation. If your pool contractor delivered a quality job, your pool would have high durability. A gunite pool crack eventually leads to pool leaks. An issue that makes pool owners cringe. There are different types of cracks. Surface cracks don’t require significant repair procedures. On the flip side, structural cracks might be intense and need substantial repair.

Fixing a gunite pool crack #

In minor cracks, pool contractors often use drilling equipment to enlarge the crack. Minor cracks don’t need you to drain the pool. After expanding the existing crack:

  1. Get rid of all loose Particles around the hole.
  2. Use plaster to fill the crack.
  3. Ensure the plaster covers all sections of the crack.
  4. Use a plastic lid to cover the hole with plaster to prevent further cracking.

On the other hand, if you have a structural gunite pool crack, you might need to hire a pool contractor to fix it. Major repair methods like staples and epoxy will be useful to cover this type of pool crack. In such instances, pool contractors expand the crack and create a rectangle out of it. Afterward, there’s the use of staples to join the crack. A sealing agent is then applied to any spaces between the cracks. Epoxy is also a more advanced method of fixing a significant pool crack. The substance gets drilled into the surface to fix the crack. The good thing with epoxy is that it gets shot to reach the pool’s foundation’s furthest end. Thus, it would be rare for a pool fixed with epoxy to reoccur.

Summary #

Although gunite pools often experience cracks, they offer a wide range of benefits. Cracks should not be a reason for you to forego your pool dream. Besides, these pools provide high durability and versatility. You can customize the gunite pool into any pool layout. So, if you’re looking to transform your backyard into a luxurious resort, a gunite pool is a good alternative.

Moreover, if you experience a gunite pool crack, you can quickly fix it. Whether structural or minor. All you have to do is to hire a dependable pool service technician to fix this issue for you.

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