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How Do You Maintain a Gunite Pool?

In this present age and time, gunite pools are remarkable features to add to your backyard. They have not only high durability but also provide high versatility. Thus, if you are thinking of building a gunite pool, you are on the right track. However, these pools are well known for their massive maintenance procedures and costs. Pool owners have to clean them regularly and use the right chemicals on them to prolong their lifespan. But what is the right way to maintain a gunite pool?

How Do You Maintain a Gunite Pool?
How do you maintain a gunite pool? Pool owners maintain a gunite pool through cleaning the pool, filters among other procedures.

Maintain a gunite pool clean #

Often, pools get exposed to all kinds of dirt particles. If you don’t clean your pool correctly, dirt can accumulate on the bottom of the pool. So, ensure you vacuum your pool regularly to reduce your risk of harboring algae. Large particles like leaves and insects can get removed using a long-handled net.

Always clean the filter #

Pool filters function to maintain a clean pool. But this equipment can, at times, get dirty and malfunction. Whenever you use your pool filter, ensure it is clean. Also, during cleaning procedures, dirt tends to stick around the filters. Once you notice this, immediately pause on the cleaning procedures and get rid of all this dirt. Changing your cartridge also helps in maintaining a clean pool. But ensure you read and understand all the instructions from your manufacturer. Filters are different and need different cleaning procedures. When you clean your filter, it can last for up to twenty years.

Make sure there are no leaks #

After years of use, gunite pools are always prone to leaks. So, evaluate them from time to time. If you notice cracking, this could be a sign of possible leakage. Pool builders fix gunite leaks through resurfacing and replastering.

Use the right pool chemicals #

Making sure that you are using the right chemicals for your pool is essential. Always check the pH of your water and fix any issues with your pool water. As a result, you can prevent the growth of algae and the existence of other microbes.

Keep accurate water levels #

Always ensure that your pool has the correct water level. Note that the pool is prone to evaporation, and it would be best to have an automated water supply system.

Frequently use the pump daily #

It would help if you turned on the pool pump regularly to maintain a gunite pool. This way, you can keep correct pool chemistry.

In conclusion #

Pool owners maintain a gunite pool through cleaning the pool, filters among other procedures. If you conduct the right maintenance procedures of gunite pools, the pool can last for decades. Ultimately, you will be able to enjoy your pool without worrying about any potential problems.

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