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How Do You Excavate An Inground Pool?

Excavation is usually the first step in building an inground pool. It determines the pool layout and foundation. So, pool builders need to conduct this process carefully. This way, they will simplify all the other steps involved in pool construction. When you plan to excavate an inground pool, below are the things you should do.

How Do You Excavate An Inground Pool?

Things to consider when excavating an inground pool #

Identify underground cables and obstacles #

Identify and mark all underground obstacles. This way, you can construct the inground pool in a safe place. One way to do this is to contact your local authorities to perform a site inspection. They identify all underground cables that could interfere with the pool construction. Most of them will highlight these areas using a permanent marker. Besides electrical cables, check for other things like sprinklers and roots. All in all, ensure the site is clean and safe for construction.

Mark the inground pool area #

After identifying all underground utilities, mark the area you want to install the inground pool. Of course, the marks have to match your preferred pool layout. Once you do this, it would be much easier to start digging. Follow the pool size and shape requirements. Get rid of all weeds and grass around the pool space.

Excavate the pool based on the required pool depth #

Begin excavating the pool area using excavation equipment. Ensure the depth of the hole matches the depth of the pool. If your inground pool has multiple depths, the shallow end should have less height.

Dig the deep end of the pool #

After digging the shallow end of the pool:

  1. Concentrate on the deep sections of the pool.
  2. Start working from the corners to foster an even slope.
  3. Ensure that you hire a pool expert to do this for you.
  4. Digging the deep end section of the pool requires expertise.

Form the inground pool layout #

Begin shaping the pool based on the layout. Develop all the free-flowing and curved lines of the pool. As you do this, pay keen attention to the pool’s measurements.

Clean up the area #

After coming up with your pool area:

  • Get rid of all dirt particles.
  • Collect and sweep any papers, among other debris.
  • Use an effective brush to sweep the area.

In summary #

Some of the equipment you will require to excavate an inground pool includes an excavation truck and a dump truck. It would be best to hire a professional pool contractor to excavate the inground pool. However, if you desire to do it yourself, note that it can be tiresome and time-consuming. Since excavation sets the pool’s foundation, you should do it to your level best. Additionally, always check the weather forecast before setting a day for excavation. Digging the pool area on a rainy day is not a walk in the park.

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