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How Do You Build Pool Steps?

Often, pool steps create the ideal entry point of the pool. Thus, they offer safety and promote the pool’s aesthetics. Today, most pool owners incorporate this fascinating features in their pool. In most instances, pool contractors deliver ready-made pool steps or create them during construction. The majority of these are of plastic material. Thus, when placed in the pool, they tend to float. Therefore, Pool owners have to find the most appropriate way to fix the them into the pool. Several manufacturers build these features with concentrated weight on the bottom to be firmly fixed on the pool floor. But some require you to devise a way of installing them in the pool. There are various techniques you can use to attach these features to the pool.

How Do You Build Pool Steps?

Modern pool steps #

With the pool industry’s expansion, modern types incorporate a lower section that can carry heavy weights to fix them on the surface. So, when you buy these, ask your manufacturer whether it has this feature. Usually, such pool steps have holes designed to carry sand at the bottom. Fortunately, putting sand on the holes does not take up too much time and effort.

How do you install pool steps? #

Holding these features in the pool requires you to use certain objects. Avoid using metal to hold the them. Otherwise, you would only stain the pool steps and surface. In turn, there will be discoloration in the pool water. Also, wooden objects are not ideal for holding steps in place. Always look for an object with waterproof material. Ask your pool contractor about the best waterproof objects you can use to hold these features.

Use waterproof equipment #

Some of the equipment you can use to hold the pool steps in place is a dumbbell. Position them on each corner of the steps with nylon rope. You can fill the dumbbells with sand to hold the steps more firmly. Whenever you do this, always cover the dumbbells to prevent the spilling of the sand.

Another tool that can hold these features of your pool into your backyard oasis is the exercise weights. These are the normal weights that help you during your normal exercise routine. But you have to use waterproof exercise weights. Tie them to the pool steps using a nylon rope.

Summary #

Pool owners have to install their pool steps in the pool strategically. Otherwise, these features are prone to floating and causing pool stains. Remember, the main purpose of these features is to provide safety. So ensure you fix them firmly to the pool floor to avoid common pool accidents.

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