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How Do You Build A Pool?

Currently, it is the dream of every homeowner to build a pool. Pools are unquestionably a great source of fun and relaxation. Moreover, these stunning home additions can significantly boost your home’s aesthetics. I mean, with a pool, your backyard gets modified into an exceptional and tranquil haven. Nonetheless, behind every spectacular pool is an exhausting construction process.

How Do You Build A Pool?

So, how do you build a pool? #

Build a pool: Design and type #

First and foremost, you have to select a suitable pool design and pool type. Often, your pool contractor will take you through this process. You can either choose a vinyl, concrete, or fiberglass pool. It all depends on your preference and budget.

Obtain pool construction permits #

Before you begin to build a pool, visit your local authorities to get a pool construction permit. Your pool builder can do this for you at a small fee. If you build a pool without a construction permit, you will pay hefty fines in the long run.

Excavating the pool area #

After getting the pool permit, you can now start excavating the pool area. Dig out the pool area based on the layout and shape of the pool. As you do this, get rid of all debris to ensure the site is clean.

Reinforce the rebar #

Install the steel framework accordingly. The rebar acts as the foundation of the pool. So, hire a professional to put in place the steel framework. After installing the rebar, conduct the pool plumbing process. Ensure you install all the electrical cables accordingly. Failure to do so can cause serious pool problems in the long run.

Pool Contractors building an inground pool - Photo Credit: Element Pool Company - San Antonio Pool Builders
Pool Contractors building an inground pool – Photo Credit: Element Pool Company – San Antonio Pool Builders

Install the pool #

After reinforcing the rebar, put in place the pool. If you are building a concrete pool, pour the concrete across the pool floor accordingly. On the flip side, if you bought a fiberglass pool, position the ready-made feature into the pool area.

Coping and tiling the pool #

Install the tiles and construct the pool deck. Ensure you use the right materials that complement your backyard. At this point, you can install any additional water features.

Finishing the pool #

Then, apply the pool finish to create a colorful and even pool surface. You can use plaster, aggregate, ceramic, or glass to finish the pool.

Ready to build a pool? #

If you plan to build a pool, get prepared to spend time, money, and effort. Pools offer a wide array of benefits. But you have to be ready to pay the cost that comes with it. Even so, the process of building a pool is pretty much straightforward. However, you still have to hire a dependable pool builder who can deliver a high-quality pool.

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