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How Do UV Pool Systems Work?

With the expansion of the pool industry, there are many pool cleaning techniques that you can incorporate. One of them is using UV pool systems. As the name suggests, this pool cleaning system uses UV light to disinfect the pool. But how is this possible? First, note that these systems do not incorporate any pool cleaning chemicals. They identify dangerous microorganisms in the pool and destroy their reproductive function and DNA. Thus, the UV light kills and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.

How Do UV Pool Systems Work?

However, at times, swimming pool users may be afraid of the harmful effects of UV light. Well, the UV in pool systems is contained; thus does not pose any danger to users. It’s an excellent pool cleaning method since you don’t have to use many pool chemicals. Nevertheless, the UV pool systems don’t get rid of all pool bacteria. So, you may have to use a few pool chemicals here and there to boost its functioning. The UV system incorporates sanitizing agents like chlorine to prevent the growth of bacteria. In this article, we look at how a UV pool system works.

How do UV pool systems function? #

Pool water has to pass through the filter before flowing over to the UV pools system. So, when the water passes across the UV light, harmful bacteria get destroyed. Typically, the UV light kills the DNA of these organisms by destroying their nucleus. The system uses a little bit of chlorine to eradicate all bacteria.

Pool experts render UV pool systems safe because the light is only emanated at a place called the graphite chamber. So, at no point do swimmers come into contact with the UV light. Fortunately, these systems do not incur a lot of maintenance costs.

How much do UV pool systems cost? #

By now, you must be wondering how much these systems cost. Contrary to popular belief, they are not expensive. On average, a UV pool system can cost $500. Of course, the price can be lower or higher based on the type of system and manufacturer. However, it is always good to consult your manufacturer before purchasing a UV pool system.

Summary #

Besides pool chemicals, you can use a broad spectrum of techniques to maintain a clean pool. One of them includes using a UV pool system. The evolution of technology has brought about this effective pool cleaning equipment. UV pool systems ensure that you avoid using multiple pool chemicals and prevent the growth of bacteria. They use UV light to destroy the cells of microorganisms and total configuration. Furthermore, these systems are relatively affordable and offer value for money.

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