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How Do Pool Skimmers Work?

Nowadays, the majority of pools have skimmers. Many pool owners wonder, what is a pool skimmer and what do they do? They appear like a box-like structure beside the pool. Underneath them, they directly connect with the pool as they filter all the debris in the pool. Typically, pool skimmers are useful in maintaining a clean pool. You can install more than one pool skimmer. It all depends on your pool needs and the size of the pool. Larger pools require at least two skimmers.

How Do Pool Skimmers Work?

How do pool skimmers function? #

These pool cleaning equipment trap all dirt found in the pool water. Pool skimmers do this by bringing the water through the filter. Some of the particles they trap include leaves, hair, and grease particles. So, skimmers prevent dirt particles from settling on the pool floor. Thus, they make the pool cleaner and prevent pool stains. Often, if your pool is always crystal clear and does not contain any loose particles, it is due to the skimmer’s functioning. Fortunately, this effective pool equipment does not make noise while functioning.

Pool skimmers prevent dirty pool floors and algae breeding grounds. Thus, they boost your pool’s longevity and make swimming experiences safer. Nevertheless, you have to take good care of the pool skimmer to maximize its efficiency. It would be best if you empty the skimmer at least twice a week. Please keep checking the pool skimmer to ensure it is not full.

Pool Skimmer
Pool Skimmer – Photo Credit: Easy Pool Cleaning

Different parts of pool skimmers and their function #

Pool skimmer cover #

Every pool skimmer has a lid. The lid protects the skimmer from massive particles like branches. Also, it protects you from falling into the skimmer.

Pool skimmer mouth #

Dirt particles and debris go into the skimmer through the mouth.

The weir #

Pool skimmers contain a weir that shuts in the water into the basket until it gets filtered.

The skimmer basket #

This is where all debris sits once they get removed out of the pool. So, the skimmer basket should get emptied from time to time to prevent clogging.

In summary #

Pool skimmers are an essential part of your pool. They maintain a clean and healthy pool. With pool skimmers, you rest assured that the pool is fit for human consumption. This equipment contains various components that propel its functioning. They include the lid, weir, mouth, and skimmer basket. Even so, you have to maintain the pool skimmer to boost its durability and functioning. When full, the pool skimmer is vulnerable to clogging. So, ensure that you empty it often, at least twice a week. Ultimately, if you don’t have a pool skimmer, invest in one!

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