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How Do I Make My Pool Water Crystal Clear?

Enliven your outdoor living area into an exceptional resort by installing a spectacular pool. Unquestionably, a pool is an excellent source of relaxation and fun. Not to mention, this stunning feature can keep your children engaged during the summer holidays. Nonetheless, you have to maintain a clean pool if you want it to boost your home’s aesthetics. Ensuring that your pool water is clean throughout takes a lot of work. The majority of pool owners don’t like pool cleaning procedures. But you cannot afford to abandon your pool. There are several techniques you can incorporate to ensure you keep your pool water crystal clear.

How Do I Make My Pool Water Crystal Clear?

Methods to help make your pool water clear include; #

Ensure you have accurate pool water chemistry #

Maintaining clean pool water requires you to keep your pool chemistry balanced. If the water is too acidic, it can obstruct the effectiveness of sanitizing agents. So, always evaluate the pH of your water using test strips. If the pH is too low, dilute the water. On the other hand, if the pH is too high, adopt specific measures to lower the pH levels. Acids like muriatic acid can help you increase the pool pH. Alkaline solutions like sodium carbonate help you reduce the pool pH. You can always check your pool chemistry two times a week. But it depends on the usage of the pool.

Conduct pool shocking at least once a week #

Pool shocking is effective in maintaining a crystal clear pool. This process allows you to get rid of all microorganisms in the pool, especially the stubborn ones. Occasionally, your pool may experience multiple bacteria that can only get removed by shocking your pool. Often, you can use chlorine to shock your pool. Alternatively, several shocking treatments can maintain a sparkling clean pool.

Use algaecides often #

Moreover, using algaecides frequently keep your pool crystal clear. At times, it is hard to notice growing algae, especially in the pool’s hidden areas. Pool owners should always get rid of algae as soon as they start growing. Otherwise, they would experience massive algae breeding grounds.

Skim the pool frequently #

Most pools are outdoor pools. So, leaves and dust particles easily fall on them, especially if they don’t have a pool cover. Thus, it is essential to skim the pool to get rid of all visible pool particles. You can always do this once a day to maintain crystal clear pool water.

Summary #

There are various techniques pool owners can use to maintain clean pool water. Some of them include skimming and using the right pool chemicals. Observe all the pool cleaning techniques based on your pool contractor’s instructions. This way, you will maintain a clean, sparkling pool.

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