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How Do I Install A Pool Pump?

The pool pump is the most crucial equipment in a pool. An efficient pool pump keeps the pool in a good state and helps you avoid common pool problems. During pool construction, pool contractors should ensure this pool equipment gets installed safely. On the flip side, if you conduct a DIY pool construction project, you should follow the correct steps to install a pool pump.

How Do I Install A Pool Pump?
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Detailed steps to install a pool pump. #

Attaching the pool pump with the motor #

To install a pool pump:

  1. Connect the pump to the pool water through the motor. You can do this using nuts and volts.
  2. Ensure you install a shut-off valve on the pump to regulate power.
  3. Install a water line and connect it to the pump inlet and outlet.

Connect the pump with a valve #

The second step is to join the shut-off valve with the pump outlet and inlet. You can do this through unions. Doing this enables the pump to backwash and keeps the pool clean.

Ensure the pool pump functions accurately #

The pump inlets suction the pool water and release it when clean through the outlet. This equipment does this with the help of an impeller. An impeller facilitates this process repeatedly. So, water keeps flowing in and out of the pool through the pump. However, note that before water going to the pump, it has to get filtered. Here, all loose and dirt particles get trapped. If the dirt particles pass through the pump, they could lead to malfunctioning of the pump. Besides, passing the pool water through the filter ensures that the water and safe.

Proceed to use your pool #

Once the pool pump is on, you can safely use the pool. Often, most pools use chlorine. But this pool chemical may not get rid of certain germs. Besides, it may cause skin irritation for swimmers with sensitive skin, especially when in large amounts. So, be aware of your allergic reactions before using the pool. Even so, a pool pump ensures that the pool is clean and free from microorganisms. In fact, the majority of swimmers can always use the pool.

Ready to install a pool pump? #

Undoubtedly, a pool pump is the centerpiece of every pool. So, ensure you hire a dependable pool builder to install a pool pump for you. Otherwise, your pool would be prone to experiencing common pool problems. Besides, installing a pool pump does not incorporate a complicated process. Ultimately, ensure you install a pool pump to keep your pool in good shape.

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